The appended analytical papers were created by undergraduate communication students in a course on documentary film at Trinity University. We are sharing these guides with the broader Internet community in the hopes of fostering thoughtful dialogue about the issues discussed in these films. We also hope that these guides will encourage viewers to pay attention to the persuasive implications of technical decisions made by documentary filmmakers.

These guides are well-suited as tools for supplementing classroom viewings, community meetings, and self-study. If you find them useful, or if you would like to comment on the content, please let us know. You can contact the course instructor via e-mail ( or you can send your message directly to the authors.

-- Professor Aaron Delwiche, Manny Alvarez, Jessica Blair, Phil Coleman, Erin Cooper, Kaatie Cooper, Rachel Etheridge, Lizz Glomb, Casey Hill, Vic Jackson, Daphne Karpel, Michelle McCullough, Natalie Minchillo, Samantha Morganroth, Nick Nobel, Jorge Ramirez, Pat Regan, Nathan Ryder, Dina Sayyed, Alex Sedeno, Jennifer Stalder, and Charles Tallent. December 2006.

-- Trinity University documentary film students. December 2006.



Daphne Karpel, "Control Room shows its hand," 2006.


    Kaatie Cooper, "Contradiction and irony in Hearts and Minds," 2006.

Michelle McCullough, "Vietnam in a different light," 2006.   Rachel Etheridge, "Can documentary filmmakers be truly objective? A closer look at Hearts and Minds," 2006.   Casey Hill, "Hearts and Minds: A masterpiece that oversteps its bounds," 2006.


Alex Sedeno, "The blasphemy of Loose Change," 2006.   Erin Cooper, "Examining factors contributing to the popularity of the Loose Change conspiracy," 2006.   Jenny Stalder, "Conspiracy theories in Loose Change," 2006.

Nick Nobel, "Louder than words: The manipulative use of mise-en-scene in Loose Change," 2006.   Pat Regan, 'Loose Change and the emergence of the living documentary," 2006.   Liz Glombb, "Loose Change: The persuasion techniques of Dylan Avery," 2006.

Vic Jackson "Loose Change: Flashy facetiousness, sorry substance," 2006.        


Dina Sayyed, "Obsession with propaganda," 2006.   Phil Coleman, "Objective Obsession?" 2006.    


Samantha Morganroth, "A candid reality on film: United 93," 2006.  

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