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COMM 3344: Games for the web (Interactive multimedia)

T + TH 3:35 - 4:50 (RCC 402)

Dr. Aaron Delwiche (

Office Hours: M + F 10:30-1:30T + TH 9:30 - 11:30
Office: Laurie 363
Phone: 999-8153


Assignment descriptions

Descriptions of individual assignments are now available through Blackboard on the Trinity network. If you are a student, researcher or teacher from another campus who would like to view the assignment descriptions, please feel free to contact me.

Top-level overview

There will be two in-class exams, one on March 9th and one on April 13th/15th. These exams will test material covered in lectures, readings, and class discussions. The first exam, given in class, will test material covered in lectures, reading, and class discussion. The second exam, an applied analytical paper, will be a take-home assignment. (30% total)

You are expected to spend at least five hours a week in Second Life. As you play the game, you should be taking notes about your interactions with other players and making connections to ideas in class readings. Throughout the semester, you will record these observations, insights, and questions in a regularly updated web log. No prior technical knowledge is required to create this on-line research journal. I will periodically distribute specific web log assignments, but you should independently update the journal with your thoughts and observations at least once a week. (25% total)

Working with four other students, you will design and document a reasonably sophisticated game that can be played by residents of Second Life. Our class will be split into three five-person development teams. During the last two weeks of the semester, each group will have a chance to present the beta version of their game to the class. On Tuesday, May 11th, your group will turn in a final version of the game documentation. On the same day, you will turn in an individual paper (4-5 pages) that reflects on the development process. (30%)

Participation accounts for fifteen percent of your overall grade.

Late assignments will have their grade reduced by one-third of a letter grade for each working day that the paper is not received. If you expect to miss class or arrive late please let me know in advance. All assignments must be completed in order to receive a passing grade in this class.



You are expected to regularly attend class sessions. A total of three absences are permitted. More than three absences will result in lowering of your overall grade or dismissal from the course, at the professor’s discretion. The three absences include excused absences and should be conserved like "sick leave."

If you are a member of a Trinity University team or organization, school-sponsored activities may cause you to miss class during the semester. If this is the case, you should present me with the dates of the activities in writing prior to the activity. If notice is not received in advance, the class period will count as an absence.


Class discussion is an important part of the Trinity experience. To receive an excellent grade for participation, you should arrive on time and participate in discussion without prompting. An average grade will be given to those students who only answer questions when asked. I understand that some people are very shy. If you’re not comfortable participating verbally in class, there are other ways of participating. For example, you could bring materials to class that would facilitate discussion. Please see me to discuss these options.


From time to time, quizzes will be given in this course. Quizzes are more likely to appear if I notice that people are not prepared to participate in class discussion.