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Student web logs

Below, you will find term papers written by undergraduate students in the class "Games for the Web: Ethnography of Massively Multiplayer On-line Games."

These students used a combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods to explore sociological issues associated with massively multiplayer virtual worlds. Each student in the class pursued a different research question. Their term papers (and web logs) are linked below.

From the outset, we have intended to share the findings of our research with the gaming community. Please visit the site, and take a look at the student's preliminary research findings. We would love to hear your constructive feedback, either through e-mail or via postings to student web logs.

Please keep in mind the limitations of this research setting. Time was too short to pursue in-depth ethnographic research, and sample sizes were too small to extrapolate with confidence to the broader gaming community. For many of the students, it was the first time that they had undertaken a research project of this scope. Nevertheless, this work reflects the efforts of a new generation of scholars grappling with the social significance of this vital medium.

Click on a student's name to view his or her web log. Or, view all blog entries simultaneously.

Adrian M.
Beth C., "Sexism in World of Warcraft" (View PDF) (View Blog)

Brendan C. (Erythrina), "The Virtual Sandbox: An Ethnographic Study of Cooperative Play in World of Warcraft" (View PDF) (View Blog)

Bret L. (Terbo), "Real World Transactions of Digital Items from MMOGs" (View PDF) (View Blog)


Dez. D. (Caym), "World of Peacecraft: Horde/Alliance Relations on Kil’ Jaeden" (View PDF) (View Blog)


Graham D., "Roleplaying" (View PDF) (View Blog)

Katie B. (Rinata), "The New Games Ethic: Colonial Themes in World of Warcraft" (View PDF) (View Blog)


Katie D. (Landellyse), "Addiction to Virtual Worlds: An Enticing Hobby, or A Social Problem?" (View PDF) (View Blog)


Lisa B. (Spri), "Customer Service in Massively Multiplayer Games" (View PDF) (View Blog)

Matt D. (Bliaargh), "Wizards vs. Engineers: The Rumble in the Proverbial Jungle" (View PDF) (View Blog)


Matthew M. (Elivira), "The Prisoner’s Dilemma and Factional Conflict in World of Warcraft" (View PDF) (View Blog)

Nicole G., "What are the Uses and Gratifications Players Seek from Guilds in World of Warcraft?" (View PDF) (View Blog)

Sebastian C. (El Governator)

Vic. J. (Hunna), "Sociological and Psychological Factors of Play: Reflections of the Character in the Self" (View PDF) (View Blog)

Kjell V. (Aldebaran)

Aaron D. (Arendt)