Games for the Web (Fall 2009)
Westinghouse Electric Building from New York World's Fair 1939. A time capsule is buried at the base of the 150 foot illuminated tower.
COMM 3344: Games for the Web

T + TH 9:55 - 11:10 (RCC 400/402)

Dr. Aaron Delwiche (

Office Hours: M/W 12:30 - 2:30 T/TH 11:30 - 2:30
Office: Laurie 363
Phone: 999-8153

Class web logs

These research journals are maintained by Trinity University students enrolled in the class "Games for the Web." In previous versions of this class, students have used ethnographic research methods to explore the motions and behaviors of gamers in massively multiplayer virtual worlds. This semester, we are collaborating on group projects related to transnational play in virtual worlds. Our primary focus is the recently revamped Dungeons and Dragons Online. This world is an ideal location for studying transnational play.

In the interests of reciprocity, we are opening up our research process to the broader community of gamers and games researchers. Please wander through the site at your leisure, and take a look at the student's preliminary findings. We would love to hear your constructive feedback, either through e-mail or via postings to student web logs.

To learn more about the assigned readings and projects, you can also view a copy of the course syllabus in PDF format. (Note: Syllabus will be displayed in a new tab or browser window.)

Click on a student's name to view his or her web log, or view the aggregated postings.

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