Set 1 of My All Time Favorite Photographs
Bob Jensen at Trinity University 


Among the thousands of photographs that I've taken over the years I have some all time favorites.
This is Set 1 of my all time favorites. They're not in rank order.
In warm weather gliders soar up and down between our cottage and the Kinsman range of the White Mountains.
The two pictures below were taken from my desk with the camera zoomed.
The gliders go back and forth until they eventually land on the grass field of the Franconia Airport.
I'm too chicken to go up in either the tow plane or the gliders

Cannon Mountain is the back drop from this shot (with my camera zoomed)

This is a shot of the Sunset Hill House Hotel just down the road from our cottage

The Sunset Hill House no longer has this Arab mare.
She sometimes broke out and came up the way to eat in our lawn.
I miss her

Our cottage in the 1800s was the golf course club house on a large resort
This "Pavilion" club house later became the tennis court pavilion in the 1900s
It was later moved across a tennis court to where it sits today in place of a big hotel that was torn down in 1973   

This is our cottage with the front porch glassed in and insulated for our winter seasons

Sometimes couples request to be married in our front lawn against the backdrop of the White Mountain ranges
I don't even know this couple from Boston, but they did ask for permission to be married in our front lawn
The man marrying them is a school teacher up here who also belongs to our church

Moose, on the other hand, don't even ask our permission to be married on our front lawn
And they poke around our yard sales without buying anything
Nothing seems to fit


Although we bought this cottage, an outdoor studio, and the old resort powerhouse (now my barn) in 2003,
I did not retire from Trinity University until 2006. This is Erika telling secrets about me at my retirement reception party.

Here are some favorite pictures taken from my front desk facing eastward toward the White Mountains

This is a shot to the left of my desk. The town of Littleton is about 10 miles north.

This is Cannon Mountain followed by the Three Graces (fondly known as Cannon Balls)
The mountains on the right are South Kinsman followed by North Kinsman

This is part of the huge wild cranberry bush in front of my desk
The birds tend to leave these cranberries on the bush until early spring
Maybe they prefer that the berries ferment a bit


This is the Iris Farm down the road.
I'm proud of this shot and think it would make a good picture puzzle
The clouds to the right are hanging over Franconia Notch between Lafayette and Cannon Mountains

This is Franconia Notch as seen higher up on the shore of Echo Lake

Water from Echo Lake is pumped up to snow making canons on the ski trails of Cannon Mountain
Below you can see the plumes of snow from snow canons on one of Cannon's 60 trails


These are wild roses in front of our cottage

This Erika standing in our wildflower field

A yellow  butterfly on orange azaleas out back

Our hometown hero in recent years is superstar Olympic skier and World Cup Champion Bode Miller
Bode taught himself to ski on Cannon Mountain where his mother was a bookkeeper
Bode says if you can ski Cannon you can ski any mountain in the world

I'm an unabashed dirty old man

Cannon's  competition comes from various nearby ski resorts, including Mt. Washington at Bretton Woods

Mt. Washington as seen from my desk (zoomed)
This summer son Marshall and I took the Cog Railroad to the top of Mt. Washington

This is a wild cherry tree south of the cottage

Wild turkeys devour its cherries


This is St. Mathews Chapel (Episcopal) about a half mile from our cottage
It claims to be the most photographed church in New England
It's only open for two months in the summer season

I always keep it possible for Mary Hicks to deliver our mail after she milks her cows

What dummy would shovel the walk to a blocked set of stairs?

Happy New Year



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