Set 4 (2012)  of My Favorite Foliage Photographs
Bob Jensen at Trinity University 

This is a zoomed view of Mt. Washington from our driveway

Below is the unzoomed shot of Mt. Washington from my desk


As I write this on October 11, 2012, the color season has already peaked
In spite of having too much rain and no freezing nights this color season is better than expected
My impatiens gardens are still in bloom, which means there really has not yet been a freezing night at our cottage

Below is a 2011 summer shot

Below are the red impatiens on the north side of the house along the driveway in 2012


Over the past three years I sucked up leaves in a $3,000 mulcher behind my tractor
But this year I put a $300 lawn sweeper (not pictured)  behind the tractor that works much better

I have to clear the leaves on over two acres of mowed lawn
This is a price we pay when we live in the village of maple "Sugar Hill, NH"
I don't clear leaves from our woods or our wild flower field

This is a view of Sunset Hill Road looking north from our driveway

And ore hill as seen from our front yard is still in color

Behind my studio is a stand of birch trees with the sunrise coming up behind me

This is my studio alongside a big maple tree

Behind the trees is our wild flower field that's been mowed for the winter

Below is a maple tree in our wildflower field

This is the view to the west across the golf course toward Vermont
early in October when the reds usually precede the yellows

This shows the back of our Driveway facing the golf course with the sunrise to my backside

This is the same view from our bedroom earlier in the color season

This was taken from an upstairs window (that has a screen)
Vermont is in the distant west

Here are some golfers behind our barn

This is Franconia Inn about two miles down the back road (Lafayette Drive)
We were staying in Franconia Inn in 2003 before we purchased our cottage on Sunset Hill Road

This is Lafayette Road between our cottage and the Franconia Inn

The male moose in October is full of testosterone and on the prowl
It's best to stay clear of him any time of the year

Here's what he's looking for
This female moose shot was taken in July 2010 by my neighbor at our yard sale (the last yard sale of my life)
I told her she could have anything she wanted free of charge ---
although "charge" is not a good word to use when confronting a mouse

Nearby Vermont has some great foliage colors

I like being high closer to Heaven

This is Mt. Lafayette directly east of our cottage
The flash reflection marks the south end of Franconia Notch


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