Set 3 of My All Time Favorite Snow Photographs
Bob Jensen at Trinity University 


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For Auld Lang Syne
In remembrance of my colleague Thomas J. Sergiovanni who died during this 2013 holiday season
Tom retired in 2009 after 25 years as the Lillian Radford Professor of Education and Administration at Trinity University.
He was the author of more than 30 textbooks and numerous book chapters and journal articles,
Professor Sergiovanni was an international scholar in educational leadership.
Tom never did much like snow after having spent two decades at the University of Illinois


Happy New Year from my desk

In front of our cottage there's a public lookout toward the Kinsman Mountain Range
Not many people go out on this deck in the winter


I also took these pictures of Mt. Washington from my desk

Generally around Easter time the sunrise  has moved slightly north of Mt. Washington

At the beginning of 2013 this year there's only about a foot of snow until you go higher up on the mountains
There will hopefully be much more to come in the next four months
And the ski areas like Cannon Mountain make there own snow
This is a shot taken from my desk of snow making on one of Cannon Mountain's 60+ ski trails
The water for the snow is pumped up from Echo Lake at the base of the mountain

Below are two shots from a few years back of Erika and Bob shoveling snow
Of course only Bob really shovels snow since Erika has a bad back

A friend in Alaska sent me this car face

I have a snow thrower on my tractor for clearing the driveway


Erika's beautiful roses off the south deck were hit with an early snowfall

If you want to wish for summertime, this is the place in our birch grove

I don't stock fish in our pond because it's frozen solid

The two pictures below were taken of our driveway at sunset

What looks like a forest fire is really only the sun setting south of our birch grove

The pictures below are representative of what we can expect in by March
I have to shovel the walk behind our west deck so the electric company can read our meter under the deck

It looks like our driveway is carved out of an angles food cake
You can see where I had to shovel the deep snow off the roof



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