Set 01 of My Wildflower Favorites
Bob Jensen at Trinity University 


The Three Graces (also known as the Thee Cannon Balls to the south of
Cannon Mountain are visible on the right side of this wildflower picture

I snapped this picture of a horse feeding down the road at the Iris Farm

This year there are more horses feeding in the pastures of the Iris Farm
Sadly there are no Scottish cows and sheep alongside the horses this year

Polly's Pancake Parlor is a National Treasure of New Hampshire
It's about a mile down the road from our cottage

Across from Polly's Pancake Parlor is a field where a leopard Appaloosa mare feeds all by herself every day
This time of year she wanders all alone among the wild flowers with the mountains in the background


The road below leads from Polly's down to the Iris Farm

Sadly, the Iris Farm itself is now vacant
It is truly a fitting setting for a picture puzzle

The Iris Farm is noted for it's many Iris flowers along its fence lines

This is the big barn on the Iris Farm

Down from Polly's in the opposite direction (west) is another abandoned farm
where three Percheron draft horses feed on lush spring pasture


One year Erika thought I was being extravagant when I paid over $600
for a bag of mixed wildflower seeds for out south field next to the golf course
But when I laid out 300 feet of hose she watered the new seeds faithfully

This is what came up the first year
Part of our barn roof is visible in the background

A blue jay watches for spring while perched above our well head

This is what happens when the song birds are impatient for June

Professional photographer Wes Lavin sent me this picture of the Iris Farm in June

About a half mile down the road is purportedly the most photographed church in New England
It's only open in the summertime


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On May 14, 2006 I retired from Trinity University after a long and wonderful career as an accounting professor in four universities. I was generously granted "Emeritus" status by the Trustees of Trinity University. My wife and I now live in a cottage in the White Mountains of New Hampshire ---

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