Bob Jensen's Bookmarks (Full Set)
Bob Jensen at Trinity University

The older Full Set of bookmarks file grew too large to be downloaded efficiently.  This has now been partitioned into four files in the topic areas noted below.  In addition, there are the 1998, 1999 and 2000 archived files of my New Bookmarks editions that are posted weekly on various listservs.  I also have weekly additions to my bookmarks (New Bookmarks) at

Unfortunately, the Full Set of bookmarks does not contain all bookmarks found in my weekly additions to New Bookmarks.  I am working on bringing the Full Set up to date.  I am also working on the more difficult problem of extracting older links that are now broken.  Please be patient and some happy hunting in the files that will appear in this frame.

Please notify me when you find broken links.  My email address is .  Also tell me what categories you would like to see added to the Index.  I am always interested in finding excellent web sites on most any topic.

Bob Jensen's links to his own documents, glossaries, technology, education, cases, solutions, etc. can be found at

Bookmarks are provided in the lower frame below.