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"The European Atrocity You Never Heard About," by R.M. Douglas, Chronicle of Higher Education, June 11, 2012 ---

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After World War II ended, my wife's family was forced off their Czechoslovakia farm at gun point. Being only five years old, Erika never knew why they were forced to be refuges walking on the road. She was told that the soldiers pointing guns at them were "communists." Erika with her mother, grandparents, and Tante Pepe headed for Germany, but the Germans were blocking Czech immigrants at border check points even if they were German speaking refuges seeking shelter. Erika was eventually smuggled across the border to the bombed out, dark, and cold Regensburg train depot on a Christmas eve.

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A Year 2000 message of love from my wife, Erika.  
She describes how a Munich street urchin became Cinderella filled with love and joy --- 


         A Year 2001 message of love from my wife, Erika 
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by Erika Jensen


The Year 2001 for us was full and rewarding.Our travels included a wonderful trip all across Germany.My German relatives were generous hosts in various cities.I will long remember the three happy days I spent with my sister (Mariane), my sister-in-law (Pepe), and Bob in Munich.Then when Bob went on to work in Berlin, Marine and I had a few days in Regensburg visiting our very dear friends.Then I joined Bob in Berlin for the fancy parties at night.


The big event for Bob this year was the announcement that he will receive the American Accounting Associationís Year 2002 Outstanding Accounting Educator Award (the official ceremony will be at the AAA Annual Meetings in August.By chance, these meetings are in our hometown in San Antonio this year) ---


The sad part of this year for me followed the infamous September 11 attack.I could not tear myself away from the news accounts.These were terrifying for me, because I hoped and prayed that I would no longer bear witness to the horrors of war and memories long forgotten.


When one friend cries, the other friends taste the salt of the tears.We as Americans tasted salty, bitter tears this past year.All of our lives changed.


Eleanor Roosevelt once said it wouldnít hurt this country if a bomb fell on it once.A strange thing to say since I know first hand what itís like to have bombs drop all around you.


As many of my friends know, my family went through the Second World War.After the war we were refugees and went to Germany where there was nothing but rubble where buildings once stood.Even my first school was no exception.Whenever it rained, another classroom would collapse.There are many bad memories I pushed to the back of my mind, but I never forgot the hunger since food was so scarce.


However, in those dark times came hope in the form of the U.S. Army in Munich!The Americans saved our lives with food.My first Christmas in the burned, bombed out schoolhouse they came and brought us food.Oranges, apples, etc. and candy bars; it was wonderful.We started getting farina and oatmeal, which we called Quaker Rations.Much later I learned why the name O.RÖ


This year on September 11, the aircraft used as bombs in NYC and Washington DC made us all realize how much we need one another and how much we can and do come together in time of crisis.We feel each otherís pain and share the healing.


America ó United means that loyal citizens of all backgrounds and faith stand together in the face of adversity.Our Nation is like a beautiful patchwork quilt, which each nationality and people are a piece of cloth and together we form this Quilt, sectioned together by love and caring for each other.We have our differences, but in time of turmoil we come together and help each other.


This year made most of us realize how blessed and lucky we are to live here in America.There is a Great Power behind this Universe who is responsible for all Good and Love, may he bless you this season and throughout all the years!


Erika (and Bob) Jensen
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