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Survey of Historical Styles
Drama 2311


The Renaissance
1453 -- 1610

Sources: HISTORY'S TIMELINE edited by Fay Franklin.
and others...

Events leading to The Renaissance

1389-1464 Life of Cosimo de Medici

1397 Medici bank founded

1417 Martin V elected pope, ends the Great Schism within the church

1420 Brunelleschi begins the dome of Florence's cathedral

1449-1492 LIfe of Lorenzo de Medici

1452-1519 Life of Leonardo de Vinci


1453 Conquest of Constantinople by the Ottoman Turks, ending Byzantine Empire.
Greek Scholars flee to Italy

1454 Printing by movable type perfected

1455 Wars of the Roses in England (to 1485)

1459 Ottoman Turks conquer Serbia

1462 Platonic Academy is founded in Florence

1465 First Italian printing press is set up at Subiaco near Rome

1467 Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy

1469 Lorenzo de Medici assumes power in Florence

1475-1564 Life of Michelangelo Buonarroti

1478 Spanish Inquisition begins

1486 Pico della Mirandola writes Oration, on the Dignity of Man

1492 Spain conquers Granada
Christopher Columbus crosses Atlantic and discovers West Indies

1493 Newly found land divided between Spain and Portugual

1494 Charles VIII of France invades Italy

1497 Jews expelled from Portugual
John Cabot discovers Newfoundland

1498 Columbus discovers Trinidada and South America
Leonardo da Vinci completes The Last Supper

1499 Treaty of Basle
Louis XII of France invades Italy

1500 Pedro Cabral claims Brazil for Portugual

1501 France and Spain occupy Naples
Amerigo Vespucci explores coast of Brazil (to 1502)

1508-1512 Michelangelo paints the Sistine Ceiling

1513 Vasco Nunex de Balboa discovers Pacific Ocean
Machiavelli writes The Prince

1516 Erasmus publishes first edition of the New Testament in Greek

1517 Martin Luther posts his 95 thesis

1519 Charles V, Holy Roman Experor (to 1556)

1520 Field of Cloth of Gold

1521 Diet of Worms
Hernan Cortes conquers Tenochtitian
Luther excommunicated by Pope Leo X

1522 First circumnavigaton of the world by Magellan's expedition

1523 Gustavus I, King of Sweden, elected

1527 Sack of Rome by Spaniards and Germans

1531 Schmalkaldic League formed

1532 Religious Peace of Nuremberg

1533 Ivan IV rules Russia (to 1584)
Francisco Pizarro conquers Peru

1534 Act of Supremacy

1535 Jacques Cartier navigates St. Lawrence River (to 1536)
Sapniards explore Chile (to 1537)

1536 John Calvin publishes the first edition of the Institutes of the Christain Religion and subswquently assumes leadership of the Genevan Reformation

1541 Hernando de Soto discovers Mississippi River

1545 Pope Paul III opens Council of Trent

1561 Mary Queen of Scots returns to Scotland

1562 Religious wars in France (to 1598)

1564 Reign of terror begins in Russia

1567 Portuguese settle at Rio de Janeiro

1568 Netherlands begins revolt against Spain

1572 Massacre of St. Bartholonew's Day

1577 Francis Drake sails round the world (to 1580)

1581 Union of Utrecht

1582 Introduction of Gregorian Calendar

1586 Francis Drake sails to West Indies

1588 Defeat of Spanish Armanda

1589 Heri IV, King of France (to 1610)

1598 Edict of Nantes

1603 Samuel de Champlain explores St Lawrence River

1605 Gunpowder Plot discovered.

1606 William Jansz sights Australia

1607 English found colony of Virginia
Henry Hudson explores in Canada

1608 Champlain founds settlement of Quebec