The St. Louis MUNY      BEAUTY and the BEAST          Scripted Scenic Flow  3/21/05


BookStand Unit Prologue w/ Boom 2. Voice-Over Narration, The Spell. Transformation via pyro and smoke pots. Prologue illusion unit is placed in front of the boom.   This unit is rigged with pyro and a contained system of fog .  The illusions and change between the old woman to princess and the prince to beast happen on this unit. 

Scene 1:  BOOM 1  A Farmer’s Market with Vendor Carts and Color/Banners, provincial French Village in a “clearing” with SR and Center as Belle’s cottage. Closes in front of Book Stand Transformation Unit. IA clears unit backstage.

 Scene 1a:  BOOM 1    Exterior of Belle’s Cottage (SL) separated a little from the Market area.  Golf Cart Contraption for Father’s Invention.

“Belle Playoff”            Orchestra

            “Maurice’s Entrance” Orchestra    w/ his invention.

            “No Matter What”

            “No Matter What – Reprise”   Orchestra

 Scene 2:  BOOM 2 The Forest w/ Wolf eyes (lights) in Boom a la Fiddler

            “Wolf Chase #1”  


Scene 3:  The Castle Interior   (Entryway)

            “Maurice & the Beast”            Orchestra

 Scene 4:  BOOM 1  Exterior of Belle’s Cottage

“Gaston’s Crossover”            Orchestra


            “Belle – Reprise”

            “Then I’ll Find Him Myself”              Orchestra

 Scene 5: The Castle Interior

            “Belle in the Castle”                Orchestra

Maurice behind bars in a cell. Caryatid comes alive. Beast leads Belle through the dark, dreary castle.  Door to the West Wing. Belle’s Room

            “Is This Home?”

 Scene 6:   BOOM 2 w/The Tavern  Barn Doors open in Boom 2 to reveal Tavern slip wagon (Bar). Back side of barn doors are painted with Tavern Scenery. Furniture and Props from SL.

            “Gaston”  Dance number.

            “Gaston – Reprise”

 Scene 7:  The Castle Interior (Fireplace)

                        Belle’s Room

            “How Long Must This Go On?”

                        Beast’s Lair

                        Fireplace Area

 REVOLVE Transform Set into Elaborate Cabaret Show

“Be Our Guest”

 The Castle Interior

            “Belle in the West Wing”                    Orchestra

                        The Rose

            “If I Can’t Love Her”



Scene 1:  BOOM 2  The Forest, the Fight

            “Wolf Chase”              Orchestra

 Scene 2: The Castle Interior

                        Small table tracks on …  Dinner

            “Something There”

                        Swag opens to reveal Library

            “Human Again”  Dance Number

 Scene 3: BOOM 2 w/The Tavern

            “Maison Des Lunes”

 Scene 4: The Castle Interior (The Beast’s Lair/West Wing)

            “Before ‘Beauty and the Beast’           Orchestra

            “Beauty & the Beast”

            “Beast Lets Belle Go”             Orchestra

            “If I Can’t Love Her – Reprise”

 Scene 5:  BOOM 1  Exterior Belle’s Cottage

            “A Change in Me”

            “Show Me the Beast”              Orchestra

            “Mob Scene”

 Scene 6: The Castle Interior

            “The Battle”                 Orchestra          Fight  

            “Fight on the Tower”  Orchestra

            “Is This Home – Reprise”

Transformation/Finale”  (Pyro series starting SR and progressing to SL to distract the switch for Beast to Prince.)

            “Bows”           Orchestra