The St. Louis MUNY 2010


Executive Producer: Paul Blake
Production Direction: Matt Lenz
Set Design: Steve Gilliam
Costume Design: Robert Fletcher, Kansas City Costumes
Lighting Design: David Lander

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Greg Stone, Prop Master                                                May 29, 2010
Matt Lenz, Director

Beauty and the Beast Preliminary Props List

The following list was compiled for the 2005 MUNY production. It includes additions specified by the director and choreographer for the 2010 production. The numbers to the left are reference photos. Hopefully, we will have many of these props in stock.


03A              Rose for Beggar Woman
01                Magic Mirror . We built this prop. It should light up with an actor operated switch.
02            Rose under Bell Jar. In the Prologue, this needs to be on small, castered pedistal. The Beast will need to pull the table out from it hiding place inside the Castle Gate. See drafting for size.

IN the course of the show, we will need a full Rose, a half Rose and a Rose with one Petal. The column we used to set the Rose Bell Jar on was hollow with a plexi glass top. We placed a light source inside to light up the Rose. As the Rose deaded, lighting dimmed the Rose globe. We should discuss this with Lander and Tim.


07            Book for Belle
07            Basket for Belle (Fits Book and Scarf)
SEVERAL Vendor Carts.  Stock.  We need to get the specific number from the Director.
One Baker
One Meat Man
One Book Cart

In the action of the Village scene, there are three windows on the second stories that actors will open and close. We will need to use some of the prop stock A-Frame Ladders behind the building instead of constructing platforms and stairs. Please note heights at the following link.

03A            Meat Cleaver
Baked goods
Books for cart
Baguettes on a tray

Assorted Baskets for shopping towns folk
03B            Basket of Eggs
03A            Hat pole with Mirror
03A            Pails for Milkmaid
Sheppard’s Crook
Gaston’s Shotgun  Does not need to work.vLarge “game” bag for LefouvLarge stuffed duck or goose.  This prop MAY be thrown from SL side Follow spot position. Build to withstand this action.
03B            Extra books for Bookseller
Wooden yoke with two buckets (not certain if it is for this scene ... Belle will use it to carry milk)

Do we have any pumps? Please look a the preliminary drafting for the Fountain in the Village.

Belle’s Cottage:
MAURICE'S INVENTION. Tony Andrea is drawing this. We will use the MUNY golf cart. A prop man will need to drive it in the show. Ken Page is playing Maurice. He will "drive" the vehicle on for the DSL wing. It will go offstage and have to store in the DSR Wing behind the PSM. We need to build this as compact as possible to give us room in the Wing for other entrances and other props. We will strike the Invention from the Wing during intermission. Take a look at what we did in 2005. Last time we had to disassemble a portion of the Invention as it came offstage in order to fit it in the space. 04            Maurice’s Invention
            Logs for chopping (1 rigged to be chopped in half) This will be part of the Invention Design.
We will use a stump in this and several other scenes. I need to measure the fiberglass stump to see if we can use it. It will need some sort of braking devise as actors will dance on it, etc. It comes from DSL wing. Also, we need to include some logs with this unit that Belle will pick-up. I do not want to use the other smaller stump that we have in stock. It is too small and would look silly. It necessary, we may need to build a new one.
Costume            Scarf
Costume            Funny Helmut with goggles for Maurice
“Dog – Legged” Clencher   This is a tool.  We should discuss.

We need a WELL. Do we have anything in stock???

 1st  Fireplace Scene in Castle:
Lap Blanket
05            Beast’s Chair   We built one for the last production. George loaned it to a local school. We may need to build a new one because the Beast need to hide behind it.
06            Chip Cart   We need to talk about this. We might have the old one. We need to fit whatever we do to the actor. Look at what we used last time.

03A            Feather duster
FIREPLACE. Do we have any fireplaces in stock??? Please take a look at the following link, which is drafting for the Fireplace. The size is important as we again need to conceal the Beast behind it.

10 CASTLE CANDELABRA We have several in stock. I still do not know if or how we will use them.

Belle’s Cottage: (“Me”)
Miniature Painted Portrait of Gaston in a frame.  3x5
Planted Pot of Flowers for Belle.  She will come on with a clay pot.  Gaston will grab the flowers and pull them out of the pot exposing the roots, which he hands to Belle as a bouquet of flowers.
Cottage Bench (stock)  4’-0”  or this may be the stump.

Costume            Pantaloons (Comes out of Madame’s “drawers”)
Costume            Ball gown (Must fit in Madame’s “drawers”)

Bed (with Dressing)  This is included in the drafting plates. The Bed will need to come through the corridor by the Lighting Booth. So, it needs to be narrow enough to go in and out. I think we can get something 2'-8" or 9" wide. We need to verify this. Sam will shop the fabric, etc. Check out the preliminary drafting.

Tavern: (“Gaston”)
Look at the following links. They are photos from the last production. We will do the same tavern. The photos include the Bar, Gaston's Chair, tables, mugs and dressing.

07            38 Beer Mugs (Pewter / metal) These will be knocked together.
3 score cards (large with #10 on them)  11x17 0n card stock.  We can print and mount on
07            Tavern Table (s)  and stools
11 Bar           

08            Gaston’s chair  on wheels lock down  horns

Castle: (“Be Our Guest”)
Table on wheels with Full Feast, dressed resplendently (Chip head sits atop- body fits underneath) There needs to be one chair on the onstage SR side.
8 tap dance Canes
Butterfly net
1 Xtra Large Gag Cane for Cogsworth to get Lumiere offstage  ( “give him the hook)
Kleenex box with Kleenex  Period style madame

10 platform Boxes for the plate reveal moment. We had discussed using the 42nd Street "dimes" but Kelli (choreographer) has a concern that they may not be high enough. They need to accommodate one person on the surface, and be as tall as they can be and allow someone to step up on them. I think with have some foam cubes, right?

For BOG:  We are suppost to have 6 "plate girl" costumes in the "costume package" from KC.  Matt needs to augment these with 12 more plates on "backpacks" for the teen plate girls.  My guess is that they are approx 4' round, but it of course would be best of we could match the size and color to what's in the "package."  These "plates" will be a part of the big scenic "reveal". We need to call KC for specificaitons. See the following link.

8 castle triangular colorful flags on 10' poles. Lets look at what we have in stock to show to the director and choreographer.

Castle:  (“Tour”)
Large Megaphone  Cogworth   with stick  .  12” with ½” dowel rod.  Like a sucker.
Large Binoculars   Oversized.  Paper towel  roll tube size
Covered Tray (Dinner Beast brings for Belle)


Castle: (“Something There”)
Stick (WOODS)  Belle fending off Wolves
07            Bowl   10”
Cloth to rend Beast Wound
2 large soup bowls
2 spoons
2 napkins
Redressed Dining table from Act I (B.O.G.)  Wagon with chairs on it.  Not as fancy.
Library Books 
1 Practical KING ARTHUR Book
Pouff ... one from stock.
Long handled Broom   Period with straw dancing moment

Tavern: (“Maison des Lunes”)
Bag of coins

Castle: (“Beauty and the Beast”)
Dining Table redressed elegantly  Drawing to follow
2 dining Chairs            Stock
Candleabra            Stock???
Floral arrangement
Plates etc
Champagne bottle/bucket
2 Champagne glasses

Belle’s Cottage: (“Change in Me & Mob Song”)
01            Carrying Bag for Magic Mirror
Broom, spade and hay rakes for Townsfolk
07             Torches   3
07             Lanterns    Battery  varied 4
Castle: “Castle Battle/Transformation”

 Brunhilde Helmet and spear for Madame
Large hunting knife for Gaston
03A            Rose for Chip

CRASH PAD. Is this a prop??? What is the size of the crash pad?

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