Cinderella Muny Scenic Flow 2003


Scene 1a: The Public Square with Show Banner

Scene 1b: The Public Square
The Prince is Giving a Ball
Cinderella March

Scene 2a: BOOM 1 Cinderella’s House
In My Own Little Corner

Scene 2b: Empty Stage for Ballet
Dream Ballet

Scene 3a: BOOM 2 Garden
Your Majesties
Boys and Gilrs Like You and Me
No Other Love

Scene 3b: Empty Stage for Ballet
Your Majesties Dance

Scene 4a: BOOM 1 Cinderella’s House
Keep it Gay.
In My Own Little Corner (Reprise) into

Scene 4b: Empty Stage … The Pumpkin Patch Behind
The Transformation
It’s Possible



Scene 1: BOOM 2, Garden

Scene 2: The Royal Ballroom
Ten Minutes Ago
Stepsisters’ Lament

Scene 3: BOOM 2, Gardens
Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful?

Scene 4: Ballroom
"Twelve O’Clock" (Instrumental)
"Slipper Dance" ("Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful?" reprise)

Scene 5: BOOM 1 The Manor House
When You’re Driving Through the Moonlight
A Lovely Night
A Lovely Night (Reprise)

Scene 6: BOOM 2, Gardens
Do I Love You (Underscore and Reprise)

Scene 7: The Village Square
The Search

Scene 8: BOOM 1The Manor House (Transition to Palace)

Scene 9: Ballroom, The Wedding Finale
There’s Music in You (Finale Ultimo)