Trinity University, 2006-2007

by MOISES KAUFMAN and the Memberss of the Tectonic Theater Project

Direction: Susanna Morrow
Scene Design: Steve Gilliam
Costume Design: Sami Granberg
Lighting Design: Jodi Karjala

Videography Design: Anacris Carrillo Lacayo
Sound and T
echnical Direction: Tim Francis
Production Stage Manager: Robby Glass

This homepage serves as the entry site for Trinity University's Stieren Theatre production. Images attached are for the use of the artistic staff as they prepare for this project. Designs are the property of the individual designers noted herein. For additional information regarding this or other designs, email or log onto

12/24 Line 13 Elevation 12/23 Ground Plan
12/19/06 Design Preliminary Design 11/26/06
Fence Research Reference Design for JumpStart Theatre 2002