The paradigm shift in the pedagogical design of online education will require much more in-depth study and analysis of existing methods and evolving technologies. Clearly, education delivery is not simply information transfer. There is much to learn, but we already know much about the potential of the technology for multimodal delivery of learning material to a variety of online learners.

The Five Fundamental Learning Styles for Online Asynchronous Instruction
A “building block” approach for presenting concepts in a step-by-step procedural learning style.
Based on “events” that trigger the learning experience. Learners begin with an event that introduces a concept and provokes questions.
Learners are first introduced to a concept or a target principle using specific examples that pertain to a broader topic area.
Based on stimulating the discernment of trends through the presentation of simulations, graphs, charts, or other data.
An inquiry method of learning in which students learn by doing, testing the boundaries of their own knowledge.