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About three miles down the road to the east of our cottage is a dairy barn that the famous film actress Bette Davis
had hauled in pieces from Vermont. On her nearby farm she constructed it as a second home, eventually her main home, out
of that old dairy barn. It's now a private residence on her old Butternut Farm near Lovers Lane.
My threads on when Bette Davis and her mother lived nearby are at

Visible from her old Butternut Farm is the Iris Farm down below.

The Iris Farm barn got a new black roof a while back


Just down the road from Butternut Farm of Bette Davis on the isolated Lovers Lane is this historic barn that now stands empty
The north end of Franconia Notch between Mt. Lafayette and Cannon Mountain can be seen in the background

In 2009 I filmed (obsolete verb) these draft horses on Lovers Lane   

About a quarter mile up the road our very good friends have an old yeller' barn

I can't explain why, but the barn below always makes me think of retired accounting professors


About a quarter mile down from our cottage on Sunset Hill Road
Is the Sugar Hill Sampler Barn that is now a large gift store and a museum
You can read more about the Sampler at

The Sampler has been repainted on three sides but not the front entrance side
The old home to the right is the Homestead B&B that is currently closed for renovations


About five miles  down the road from our cottage to the west is the Bishop's Farm B&B

Bishop Farm is a restored classic New England farm located in the rolling foothills of the White Mountain region of New Hampshire. The barn, built in 1876, was artfully renovated to be a rustic event space with a dramatic entrance, original exposed beams accented with three grand chandeliers and a new deck. In addition to the barn, the farm consists of accommodations in the main house with seven bedrooms and surrounding six cottages and charm only found at a former working farm. Owned and managed by Salter siblings and mom Maggie, Bishop Farm will make you feel like part of the family.

The Bishop family was among the earliest settlers of Lisbon, in the White Mountains Region of NH. The Bishops started farming this land in 1770. For several generations from the late 1800s until the 1950s, the family successfully operated this beautiful place as a dairy and stock farm. In addition to the farmhouses, the Bishop family built six cottages in the early 1900s to accommodate the many travelers passing through.

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Erika and I live about 10 miles from the Littleton Regional Hospital
Between that hospital and Dalton is the picturesque farm that I photographed below
while on my way to pick out impatiens seedlings in Lancaster last May
There's too much snow and cold in April 2014  to think about planting this spring
Usually I wait until June to plant my flower gardens --- which was fortunate last year
when we had a considerable amount of snowfall on Memorial Day  


My barn in our wildflower field is not a very attractive "barn"
But it's a historic since it was the power house for the entire Sunset Hill House Resort in the 1800s
Nearly all the SHH Resort's buildings (big hotel, casino, bowling alley, barns, etc.) were
torn down in 1973 as the era of large and cooling  mountain summer resorts faded
The wild flowers in our field are still afraid of the cold this spring

The season for collecting maple sugar sap around our Sugar Hill Village ended in early April


Nearby Vermont has some interesting old barns


When the winters were colder and farms were real farms with livestock
it was common to attach the barns to New England houses in order to avoid having to walk in the deep snow

The historic configuration for barns and houses is the "L Configuration"
Many old "L" barns are now garages


We lived in Texas for 24 years
where it's common to see unattractive old barns beside fields of beautiful blue bonnets


This is my best photograph of the Iris Farm down the road
with the clouds hanging over Franconia Notch



Music Slide Show of Old Barns

Tennie Toussaint Photographs (Barn Raisings in Vermont in the Early 1900s) --- Toussaint Photographs

Muster Field Farm Museum (University of New Hampshire project to preserve old barns) ---

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New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources ---
There are some historic New Hampshire barn photographs


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