Year 2013 Memorial Day Snow
Bob Jensen at Trinity University 

Note that after losing nearly all the pictures below on my camera's CD I used Isobuster to recover them
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We're used to a lot of snow in the White Mountains
But we're not used to snow when leaves are on the trees and bushes
We're not used to snow after the early springtime flowers are in full bloom
We're not used to snow on the ground on June 1 when we should be planting our seedlings

On May 19, 2013 purchased about 200 seedlings of my favorite annual flower --- the New Guinea Impatiens
This annual is also known as Impatiens for the Sun
It cannot tolerate freezing nights or snow
If I had planted them before June 5 I would have lost all the seedlings

I was not expecting snow, but the forecast called for nights below freezing later in the week
So instead of planting my seedlings I stored them in the garage and the barn
This was a pain because I had to haul the seedlings out in the daytime for sun and water
Then I carried all of them back inside each late afternoon

Some of the seedlings I kept in the back of my Jeep that I park in the barn
Each day I would back the jeep out into the field
And set the plants out in the daytime
And return them to the Jeep in the night

I think officially down in the valley there was about three inches of heavy wet snowfall on May 23
But up here it was more like five inches
It's hard to tell because the rain that quickly followed took much of the snow away and saved most of the bushes and trees
There was, however, some snow left on Memorial Day, May 24, 2013
Here are some of my perennial phlox on May 20

Established Phlox are hearty perennials that can take some freezing weather and even snow
These are the above phlox blossoms covered with snow on Memorial Day

And these are some bleeding hearts  peeking out from under the snow

And these are the phlox and bleeding hearts after the snow melted
I could detect no snow damage other than a branch that broke off one of my bleeding heart bushes

Here are some other snow pictures on Memorial Day

The largest bush on the left is a wild cranberry bush
It had not yet bloomed such that I don't know what damage might have otherwise taken place
In the winter the wild cranberries themselves can withstand the snow, ice, and cold


This fence cover of wild roses that had not yet bloomed

And the wild roses recovered nicely


These were the golf carts by the club house on Memorial Day
I don't think a single golfer ventured onto the course for about a week

The lilacs were in bloom before the snow and recovered nicely


Fortunately, the rains saved most of our snow-laden trees on Memorial Day
However, we had damage (broken limbs)  to bout 20 birch trees in our woods
The heavy, wet snow broke this branch of a lilac bush beside the cottage

At long last in the second week of June I could plant my 200 Impatiens for the Sun




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