Set 4 of My All Time Favorite Snow Photographs
Bob Jensen at Trinity University 


While much of the USA is experiencing springtime and singing birds
We still are getting cold weather and new snow
But it's like a lot of things in life
The longer you have to wait for something good the more you appreciate it when it arrives at long last

This is a mountain lookout across the road from our cottage
It's not used a whole lot in the winter
There are three visible mountain ranges --- Kinsman Range, Twin Range, and Presidential Range


This is Mt. Lafayette early in the season before the snows started down here in front of our living room

If you look close in the picture below you can see a few wild cranberries not yet eaten by the birds
The big green plant is inside the window


The three mountain tops below are called the Three Graces
But some people call them the canon balls south of Cannon Mountain


Making snow on one of Cannon Mountain's 60 ski trails


I have two snow throwing machines
The smaller machine below can be used when we have a light cover of less than five inches or less
But it's so slow on my long drive that I only use it for touch up around the mailbox after light snows
The ceaseless Sugar Hill road plows make piles around our mail box even if we only get two inches of snow


Most of the time I use my tractor's snow thrower that can cut through five foot drifts
I rarely am forced to use the front end loader for snow


One thing I like about a snow thrower is that it does not create
high banks alongside like a snow plow leaves
This is part of our driveway where I send blowing snow into oblivion


Note how different the above picture looks compared to prior years
When I had a friend plow my drive


And of course I have to use a shovel where the the machines won't work
Sometimes I must shovel gently just to find my mail boxes


I must keep a path shoveled so our propane delivery man can pull a hose to our buried tank
We don't use our decks in the winter and route visitors to our garage entrance to the cottage
But I must clear snow to under the back deck for our meter reader


High winds constantly fill in my shoveled path to the buried propane tank


This year the severe wind and snow weight took down a big pine tree in our woods
I think I will leave it for an animal shelter since small creatures live in big dead trees


About three miles down our Sunset Hill
The Franconia Catholic Church is named Our Lady of Snows


Birds have a hard time in the winter and get especially frustrated by
our late snows in April and May when they are very hungry and horny


When I think we've just got too much snow
I only have to look at the pictures below from Siberia


This made me think of Dr. Zhivvago


"Sharing Those Woods, Dark and Deep"
by H. William Rice
Chronicle of Higher Education's Chronicle Review, March 18, 2013

The woods are lovely, dark and deep
But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep
And miles to go before I sleep.


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