Set 1 of Houses and Barns Near Where We Live

Bob Jensen at Trinity University 


In 1940 Academy Award winning actress Bette Davis wanted to get away from Hollywood
She'd recently divorced her first husband
She bought the Butternut Farm about two miles from our cottage (of course we weren't here at the time)
Bette and here mother moved into the small house on the farm.
This is the way it looks today as a summer rental

I wrote about Bette Davis in a previous edition of Tidbits

Soon after moving to Butternut Farm, Bette bought a dairy barn in Vermont and
had it carted in pieces across the Green Mountains to her farm
Piece by piece the barn was reconstructed to become her main house on Butternut Farm
Rumor has it that she murdered her second husband in this house
But that could never be proven and was probably not true

Bette Davis

Bette Davis lived very close to a resort called Pecketts on the Hill
It's now torn down, but a marker says Pecketts was also the first ski school in America
Before they were married, the second husband of Bette Davis was the manager of Pecketts

Another famous house about two miles down in  the valley is the austere home of the poet Robert Frost
His home is now a museum that is open to the public not far from the Franconia Exit 38 in Franconia
Robert Frost cut down some big trees in front so that he could look out at Mt. Lafayette

I wrote about Robert Frost in a previous edition of Tidbits

Professional skier Bode Miller was raised in a shack not far from the Robert Frost Museum
He grew up without plumbing or electricity, and I cannot find a photograph of that shack deep in the woods
I did write about Bode Miller in a previous edition of Tidbits

This is the south side of our cottage on Sunset Hill Road

This is the northeast side of the cottage

Back when Erika could still do the gardening

I wrote about the history of our cottage in several editions of Tidbits shown below:


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After the Sunset Hill Hotel Resort was nearly all demolished in 1973, our cottage (before it was ours)
was moved in 1977 from the golf course across a tennis court and up to where the former hotel site.
I show pictures of the preparation work prior to the moving the cottage and its four fireplaces

Next I show pictures of the move to the new site 

Next I show the pictures of a 1980 spectacular fire on one of the remaining three cottages

This is the house of our closest neighbor


The picture below shows the next "cottage" down the road from our cottage
That cottage and our cottage are the only two remaining cottages on the grounds of the
old Sunset Hill Resort that's now torn down


Beside the above "cottage" is a larger home

Beyond the above house is a more modern place within walking distance

Beyond the above house is the Sugar Hill Sampler Gift Shop and Museum developed from an old barn

Just beyond the above old barn is the historic Homestead, one of the first buildings on Sunset Hill Road

Tiger Lilies in front of the Homestead in Summer 2011

This is a house on the other side of the road road from The Homestead

This is a new house just down from The Homestead

This is a big house about a mile down the road on Lovers Lane that has a panoramic view of  the mountains

About a half mile down Highway 117 from The Homestead is the famous Polly's Pancake Parlor

Just down from Polly's is the picturesque Iris Farm on Highway 117

Scottish Cows in the Iris Farm Pasture

I posted a number of my pictures of the Iris Farm in several editions of Tidbits

Not far from our cottage good friends who moved to Hanover are trying to sell this house

This is a beautiful house about a mile down on Lovers Lane that's also for sale

A house less than a half mile from our cottage that's for sale

This nearby house is also for sale

And this one is also for sale


Here are some nearby houses and barns a few miles from hour cottage

Including a blue bird house

Here are some scenes from nearby Vermont




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Our cottage was known as the Brayton Cottage in the early 1900s
Sunset Hill is a ridge overlooking with New Hampshire's White Mountains to the East
and Vermont's Green Mountains to the West



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