Bob Jensen's Set 4 of Favorite Summertime Flowers --- Sunflowers
Bob Jensen at Trinity University

Fall Foliage Map ---

In early September the days grow markedly shorter up here and some foliage colors (mostly reds) are
showing up in our green forests. This week I will feature some flower pictures in our summer.
Summer 2014 was cooler and wetter than a lot of summers. It was not that there was so much rain.
The vegetation is still green and lush in September mostly because our summer rains were so well timed.
Our furnace probably kicked in more often in August than any other August that I can remember up here.

This is me in my outdoor planting and weeding uniform

Erika in the early springtime phlox


In Spring 2014 I hung six birdhouses from the pond garden arbor
Only one of the bird houses was rented this summer --- for five baby wrens

Later in the summer a climbing rose reached the bottom of this bird house

These are the older bird houses on the south side of our cottage
Our bluebirds did not return this summer

The clematis vine gets better every summer


This is the first summer I planted sunflowers.
Mostly I planted the dwarf sunflowers that only grow about two feet tall,
but I also planted three tall sunflower seedlings.
It seemed like it took forever for the small seedlings to double and triple in size

Behind the dwarf sunflower plants is a mature butterfly bush which I think is a hydrangea

Eventually green blossoms formed on every sunflower plant

Eventually the green developing blossoms matured into sunflowers

Did you know that young sunflowers turn as the sun moves across the sky
But after the sunflowers bloom the plants lock into place
Note the adjoining white-flowered bush that butterflies and bees love more than sunflowers

This is a spectacular year for my 40 matured New Guinea impatiens that I will feature
in a future edition of Tidbits.


This year I planted four Japanese maple trees that I ordered from Amazon
They are quite delicate, and I worry about getting them through our hard cold winters
This winter I will wrap them in blankets of burlap
Each summer we stay in a bed and breakfast on the Atlantic Ocean
where there is a spectacular mature Japanese maple.
But winters on the coast are not so severe as winters in the mountains where we live.

These are the tiger lilies of summer in our back yard


Before our wildflower field was mowed in August the weeds were higher than my
head because of all the wonderful rain we had in Summer of 2014

This is what the field looked like beside my barn after mowing the weeds down
The golf course is on the other side of the fence
There are no golfers this summer while the bankrupt Sunset Hill House Hotel
seeks a buyer. The golf course managed by the hotel fortunately can
never be developed into anything but a golf course due to deed restrictions.

This is a view of the empty hotel at the other end of our wildflower field

This is a lookout beside the hotel


Erika has beautiful domestic roses
But she's at war daily with the Japanese Beetles
If it were up to me we would never plant another domestic rose
The beetles don't bother our wild roses or any other flowers except for Erika's roses


And there are quite a few perennials that I don't know (actually can't remember) the blossom names

We have quite a few French lilac bushes (the most aromatic of all our flowers)

This is my wonderful polka weigela that blossoms for about a month
A few blossoms hang on for the rest of the summer


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