Set 6 (2013)  Foliage Photographs Featuring Ben Plummer's Visit to New Hampshire (2009)
Bob Jensen at Trinity University 

Much of our colorful foliage is on the ground, due partly to high winds surviving from Hurricane Karen
After I showed Set 5 of my foliage photographs in Tidbits, my San Antonio friend and retired chemistry professor Ben Plummer
shared some of his 2009 photographs of New Hampshire's foliage and his 2013 photographs from a family trip to Zimbabwe

Ben's Family in Zimbabwe in 2013
Ben is on the right in the red shirt


I will begin with a couple of recent sad news items sad news items.
Sadly the elephants in Ben Plummer's photographs may now be dead.

"Zimbabwe: Poisoned elephant death toll rises to 81," PhysOrg, September 24, 2013 ---
Zimbabwean authorities say at least 81 elephants have been killed for their ivory tusks by poachers using cyanide poison in water holes in a vast western national park.

"500 elephants killed in Cameroon park in 2 months," Help Wildlife Foundation, February 25, 2012 ---
I read somewhere that there were an additional 500 poisoned in Africa more recently by cyanide poisoning of water holes.

While the Zimbabwe elephants lived, this is how they showed up in Ben's camera


I will share more of Ben's Zimbabwe pictures in a future edition of Tidbits
For now, here are some of his 2009 pictures from a family trip to New Hampshire in October


I will close this edition of foliage pictures with some of my favorite foliage pictures
This is the maple tree beside my studio


These are birch trees just outside our bedroom window facing west

The blue reflection is from the window in front of my desk


Various pictures of Ore Hill taken from beside our mailbox are shown below
In the 1900s our cottage was called Brayton Cottage on the grounds of a resort
I think Ore Hill is the most colorful hill in New Hampshire





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