Photographs of the Pemigewasset (Pemi)  River ---

Bob Jensen at Trinity University 

In early May of 2015 we're finally getting some springtime
However, it was only 36F degrees when I awakened this morning
None of the early spring flowers are yet in bloom (except for the snow-loving  crocuses)
But it won't be long now since the snow has disappeared everywhere except in the mountain tops
However, only fools plant expensive flower gardens before June 1 in the White Mountains

From my desk I can still see lingering slow on Mt. Lafayette and Cannon Mountain
Skiing has ended for the season on Cannon

About a mile down the road from our cottage the historic Polly's Pancake Parlor was torn down

The grand reopening of Polly's new and larger restaurant will be on May 16 ---

This is about the time the nearby Sunset Hill House Hotel (renamed the inn at  Sunset Hill) will re-open
Under the new ownership of Dick Green and Sally Clark (husband and wife from England)
Mt. Lafayette is shown in the background

Inn at Sunset Hill ---



This week I feature photographs of the nearby Pemigewasset (Pemi) River that is, in part,  a mountain river
Lincoln is a Loon Mountain skiing town about 30 miles from our cottage


There were logging railroads that went alongside or crossed over the Pemi
Amazon's Bill Gove Page


Pemigewasset River ---

The Pemigewasset River known locally as "The Pemi", is a river in the state of New Hampshire, the United States. It is 65.0 miles (104.6 km) in length and (with its tributaries) drains approximately 1,021 square miles (2,644 km2).[1] The name "Pemigewasset" comes from the Abenaki word bemijijoasek [bəmidzidzoasək], meaning "where side (entering) current is"

The Pemigewasset originates at Profile Lake in Franconia Notch State Park, in the town of Franconia. It flows south through the White Mountains and merges with the Winnipesaukee River to form the Merrimack River at Franklin. The Merrimack then flows through southern New Hampshire, northeastern Massachusetts and into the Atlantic Ocean.

The Interstate 93 highway runs parallel with the river between Franconia Notch and New Hampton. The river passes through the communities of Lincoln, North Woodstock, Woodstock, Thornton, Campton, Plymouth, Holderness, Ashland, Bridgewater, Bristol, New Hampton, Hill, Sanbornton, and Franklin.

The river descends over waterfalls in Franconia Notch, including "The Basin", passes cascades in North Woodstock, and drops over Livermore Falls north of Plymouth. The remainder of the northern Pemi, from Lincoln to Ashland, passes over copious gravel bars and attracts numerous boaters and fishermen. Below Ashland, the river is impounded by the Ayers Island Dam, a hydroelectric facility, for over five miles. A short stretch of heavy whitewater is found below the dam, before the river reaches the impoundment zone for the Franklin Falls flood control reservoir. The river crosses one additional hydroelectric dam below Franklin Falls before joining the Winnipesaukee River in the center of Franklin.

The Pemigewasset watershed consists of over 1,100 miles (1,800 km) of rivers and 17,000 acres (69 km2) of lake, pond, and reservoir area. The watershed comprises about 20 percent of the Merrimack's total watershed area.

Major tributaries include (from north to south):


A Swimming Hole in the Pemi (yeah it attracts tourists)


The eastern face of Cannon Mountain is in the Background

There are thousands upon thousands of boulders in the Pemi


Blair Bridge From Below

Milton Graton is also the expert who moved our cottage from a golf course to its present location in 1977

After the Sunset Hill Hotel Resort was nearly all demolished in 1973, our cottage (before it was ours)
was moved in 1977 from the golf course across a tennis court and up to where the former hotel site.
I show pictures of the preparation work prior to the moving the cottage and its four fireplaces

Next I show pictures of the move to the new site 


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On May 14, 2006 I retired from Trinity University after a long and wonderful career as an accounting professor in four universities. I was generously granted "Emeritus" status by the Trustees of Trinity University. My wife and I now live in a cottage in the White Mountains of New Hampshire ---

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