Set 2 of Photographs of Erika's Summer Roses
Bob Jensen at Trinity University 

I tend our three flower gardens beside the cottage.
After 15 spine surgeries Erika helps me to the extent she is able, because she truly loves gardening.
In the summer months she places scut  roses on my desk.
This is an arrangement on my desk in August22, 2015

The photograph is a picture taken of my father about 40 years ago


Roses like the cool weather of foliage season.
This was Erika's arrangement on my desk in September 2013


Erika brings the blossoms inside to keep them away from the awful Japanese beetles


In Summer 2015 a new house is under construction down the road. In front of the construction site a professional artist has been setting up each day to add more to a painting. His name is Ard Berge and his art page is at
I really like his work even though his work on occasion surprises me. He most certainly sets himself apart from other artists.

Here are a couple of my photographs  of Ard at work.


The Summer of 2015 was cool and wet with well-timed rains
The photographs below show how green everything is this summer


Below are some photographs of Erika's roses from this summer and from earlier summers



In the course of a summer our peonies, unlike roses, bloom only for about three weeks
But the blossoms are spectacular


My favorite summer flowers are New Guinea Impatiens that bloom from early June until the first hard freeze of autumn.
I also love impatiens because the are not bothered by Japanese beetles or other pests and do not have to be dead headed

I'm in the process of turning around all the mirrors toward the walls


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Okay, you might ask, is there really ice in the Ice Gulch, even in August? Yes, there is! The next photo shows one small patch of ice. There were many larger patches, but they were at the bottom of some of those deep gaps that I mentioned above. I took some photos, but none of them really turned out, even with using a flash to illuminate these dark, dank, deep spots.

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On May 14, 2006 I retired from Trinity University after a long and wonderful career as an accounting professor in four universities. I was generously granted "Emeritus" status by the Trustees of Trinity University. My wife and I now live in a cottage in the White Mountains of New Hampshire ---

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