Most individuals have experienced the challenges and excitement of being a member of a team.  Whether it is in athletics, as a member of a science team, a church group, or a collaborative ensemble, all groups undertakes a process to achieve an objective. The collaborative art of mounting a theatre production is a team effort. In many respects, the process is no different than that of any other team or business endeavor. Like other endeavors, theatre collaborations require coordination, compromise, dependability, initiative, preparation, practice and team spirit. These are specific area that will serve as a measure of your contributions and will be reflected in your overall grade for this project.


For a successful experience, all member of the 2011 Matchbox Theatre Company must strive for excellence and fulfill his/ her share of the project. It only takes a few individuals to weaken the performance of all. 


At the conclusion of the Fairy Talent Project, and for the remainder of the semester, members of Drama 1304 will collaborate in a process that will ultimately lead to the creation of a show for public presentation.


This semester's MATCHBOX THEATRE Production has been written and will be directed by William M. Razavi. Willy has been actively involved with Matchbox Theatre since 1995. He received his MFA in playwriting from Brandeis University. He has several produced plays throughout the nation.  He is an accomplished director, having guided several theatre companies to opening night.  Willy has written over 30 plays specifically for this class.  A collection of Matchbox Theatre plays written by Mr. Razavi can be found at


For the past several years, Willy has coordinated a team of directors and acting coaches to work with our large cast.  I will serve as the executive producer (and instructor of the class).  This year our assistant directors will include Deanna Husting, Judson Rose, Kaitlin Ibberson and James Jarrott.  They will function as theatre coaches.  They will help Willy and myself in the logistic administration of producing a play for a public audience.


In the past, Matchbox productions have had more than 300 students, faculty members and parents as audience during our two-day run.  We will present four public performances on April 26 and 27.


Rehearsals will begin right after Spring Break.  The company will be divided into two rehearsal groups.  Group A will rehearse on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 7 - 9PM.  Group B will rehearse on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7 - 9PM.    As we get closer to opening night, we may need to alter our schedules but not without consulting  those involved.  On April 19, we will have a run-thru of the entire show and will work individual scenes on April 20 depending on everyone's schedules.  We will not hold class or rehearse on April 22 with Easter Break that weekend.  We will have our FINAL DRESS REHEARSAL on Monday, April 25.  We open the next day.

As is stated on the syllabus and explained on our first day of class, attendance at rehearsals and during our performances is REQUIRED.  We know and appreciate that you have evening commitments.  This is why we have a M-W group and a T-TH group.  Our casting decisions will be based, in part, on when you might be available.  We will send instructions via email to obtain your conflicts and schedule.


In addition to acting and rehearsals, each company member be assigned to a crew.  The crews will assist in the creation of the theatre space by painting backgrounds and helping locate or make properties and scenic pieces.  Members will light the production.  Some will serve as costume designers and wardrobe personnel.  The project requires sound designers and operators as well as backstage crew, ushers, publicity and ticket sellers, program and poster designers. Of course, the project will need actors, stage mangers, and assistants to the director.  We will provide an opportunity for you to select a backstage assignment.


We will use class time to meet in our production crews.  We will also use time to present scenes from the play, work on lines and rehearse.


In the end, you will understand the art of making theatre.  I look forward to your journey. 

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