The St. Louis MUNY



Executive Producer: Paul Blake
Production Direction: Jack Going
Choreography: Liza Gennaro
Set Design: Steve Gilliam
Assistant Set Designer: Justin Barisonek
Costume Design: Kansas City Costumes
Lighting Design: Mitch Dana

210 . 494 .7373

Please click the links below for sketches and drawings. The designs created for this production are the property of SLG Design & Creative Talent and Steve Gilliam. Contact us if you are interested in these or other production designs for your theatre.

5/27/11 BOOM 1

BOOM 1 5/25/11

BOOM 2 5/25/11

RUN 5/30/11 Cart 6611 CART
526 Looks Run 51611


BOOM 1 BOOM 2 Backstage
Alley Padua Square Padua Backgrounds
Church Petruchio & Country Backgrounds Brush Up
Dressing Room Divider Revised Backstage 5/24/11 Color Roughs

May 10

Padua Backgrounds Padua Square Composite Padua Square Run Sheet
Church Petruchio Run Sheet Petruchio Elevations
Banquet Run Sheet Banquet Detail Alley Set Revised 51011

May 7

Boom 1 DRESSING ROOM Revised Boom 2 5711 Brush Up Act Two, Scene 7
Backstage Theatre Set Alley Set
Revised Run Outline Post NY Mtg
Run Sheets Preseason
Scenic Outline Preseason Mtg