Set 4 of My All Time Favorite Photographs
Bob Jensen at Trinity University 

Normally in January I feature snow pictures. This 2016 winter in New England is a record-warmth bummer. The
snow comes a few inches at a time and goes away with rains that follow.  So instead of featuring snow pictures I begin
the year of 2016 Tidbits with some more of my favorite photographs. This will be Set 4 of my favorites.
Sets 1-3 featured in previous years are as follows:

Set 1 of My All Time Favorite Photographs

Set 2 of My All Time Favorite Photographs

Set 3 of My All Time Favorite Photographs

Last week I received a request from the Historical Society of Swea City, Iowa.
Growing up I spent a lot of time in Swea City with my maternal grandparents.
The Director of the Historical Society, Lavonne Geerdes, requested the following photograph
of my Grandfather's 1910 champion Percheron Stallion named Hierogliphe.
The picture below is one of my all-time favorites that for years was on display in the home of my grandparents


Last week for the Swea City Historical Society I wrote a sequel to a story about my Grandmother Dourte.

Story 1:  About Grandmother Dourte
My Glimpse of Heaven:  What I learned from Max and Gwen

Sequel:  About My Grandfather Dourte with a link to  Hierogliphe's ancestry
A short story about my grandfather Christian Granville Dourte

Cousin Don's Black Percherons (Bill and Barney on the right) in 1993

This is my father, Vernon, at Cousin Don's Armstrong, Iowa farm in 1986
My father died at age 89 in2001 five years after my mother passed on.


Bob and Erika in San Antonio in 1987


A chilly Amsterdam day in 2000


With the Maine Grandchildren in 1999
CJ is now in his first year of college in Maine, and Hilary is a pharmacist in Boston.


Erika telling the Burgomaster in Munich how she was a five-year old beggar on the streets of Munich after WW II


Now some more recent 2015 favorite photographs.
This is my tractor with a sweeper attached.


On a day in October 2015 I took the following picture of the Ski Hearth Organic Farm
that is about three miles down the hill.
I think it was previously owned for a short while by champion skier Bode Miller.


On a warm day in October 2015 I came home as usual starting with a one-lane bridge across from the organic farm.

October 2015 Moon Eclipse as Viewed From Our Living Room

I don't know what type of tree has these tulip-like things in the autumn


Down the road our church friends Amy and Billy have a big garden that includes assorted sunflowers




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