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The Jewish Express:  A Brief History of Antifa: Part I ---

The Jewish Experess:  A Brief History of Antifa:  Part II ---

FBI director calls Antifa 'a real thing' ---

According to The New York Times, potentially 90 percent of those who have tested positive for COVID-19 have such insignificant amounts of the virus present in their bodies that such individuals do not need to isolate nor are they candidates for contact tracing ---

My Latest Web Document
Over 600 Examples of Critical Thinking and Illustrations of How to Mislead With Statistics --

Animated  Visualization of the United States’ Exploding Population Growth Over 200 Years (1790 – 2010) ---
A Visualization of the United States’ Exploding Population Growth Over 200 Years (1790 – 2010)

USA Debt Clock --- http://www.usdebtclock.org/
The published national debt is a lie
Here's the real federal debt ---

Debt to GDP Ratio by Country 2020 ---

Human Population Over Time on Earth ---

MIT's Links to Covid-19 Trackers Around the World ---

Johns Hopkins University:  Updated Map and Table on the Number of Coronavirus Cases for Every Nation ---
Accuracy is subject to wide margins of error for every nation and varies greatly between nations.

Covid019 in New Hampshire ---

The best maps for comparing counties and towns in your state are provided by your state. For example, here's the map showing the distribution of cases for New Hampshire counties and towns ---


Beautiful News Daily (news and statistics to offset all of today's bad news) ---


 Here's a humorous and serious TED talk that seriously argues why the world needs billionaires


Why did Cuba abandon its socialist/communist dream of equality for everybody?
The Guardian:  This was the egalitarian dream of Cuba in the 1960s: For years in Cuba, jobs as varied as farm workers and doctors only had a difference in their wages of the equivalent of a few US dollars a month.



Here's a somber and serious Guardian article on why the Cuban model of income equality for all is a disaster ---
Fidel Castro says his economic system is failing ---


Miracle of Chile --- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miracle_of_Chile
Movie:  The Chicago Boys of Chile ---


How to Fix Economic Inequality? ---


Cuba’s Dubious Miracle ---


The Singapore Dream:  How Singapore's richest man went from welding in a factory for $14 per hour to owning a $17 billion hotpot restaurant chain ---


After 40 years of capitalism, China’s income is divided almost as unequally as America’s ---
China has more billionaires than any other country in the world (and generating more at a higher rate than any other nation) ---


What's Wrong With a Wealth Tax?


While a move is underway to destroy the American Dream of rags to riches (by taxing away the riches) the Chinese dream is on the rise.
The Chinese Dream
How a Chinese billionaire went from making $16 a month in a factory to being one of the world's richest self-made women with an $8.3 billion real-estate empire ---


Top 50 Billionaires in China ---

Jensen Comment
The question for students to debate is why a supposed communist country allows so many billionaires to rise up from poverty.
That's supposed to happen in the USA where a child growing up in deep poverty (think Oprah Winfrey or Howard Shultz) became a multi-billionaires.
But is it also supposed to happen under communism? If so, why?


One reason is that many billionaires can afford to pour lots of money into high risk ventures. When's the last time you heard about a high risk (think Silicon Valley) venture in Europe?


Here's a humorous and serious TED talk that seriously argues why the world needs billionaires




Wikiquote from Wikipedia --- https://www.wikiquote.org/


I detest what you write, but I would give my life to make it possible for you to continue to write ---


"This is perhaps the assembly of the most intelligence ever to gather at one time in the White House, with the exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone"
John F. Kennedy at a White House party


Harper's:  A Letter on Justice and Open Debate --- |



The Guardian:  American classics among most ‘challenged’ books of the decade in US (protesters want them removed from libraries and schools) ---
Bob Jensen's threads on banned books

In 1785 the state legislature of Virginia unanimously rejected a proposal from evangelicals to free the state’s slaves ---


When the Great Scorer comes to write against your name, one unforgiveable sin (racial profiling) outweighs all the good you've done in life.

Bob Jensen


Kobe Bryant:  We need to make the most of every minute we have ---


It is not knowledge, but the act of learning, not possession but the act of getting there, which grants the greatest enjoyment.

Carl Friedrich Gauss


Taiwan’s Crowdsourced Democracy Shows Us How to Fix Social Media ---

Germany and Merkel at Crossroads ---


James Baldwin Talks About Racism in America & Civil Rights Activism on The Dick Cavett Show (1969) ---


Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose. And it’s an unreliable guide to the future

Bill Gates, “The Road Ahead”


Hermann Weyl born in Hamburg, Germany. He wrote, "One may say that mathematics talks about the things which are of no concern to men. Mathematics has the inhuman quality of starlight---brilliant, sharp, but cold ... thus we are clearest where knowledge matters least: in mathematics, especially number theory." ---
Also see Mathematical Analytics in Plato's Cave


And nevertheless conclude that the optimum amount of restriction of immigration is zero point zero, zero, zero? Amazing. Economics are generally skeptical models that yield corner solutions ---
Jensen Comment
To the list of questions I would add "Do your talk about the Tragedy of the Commons?"
The problem with open borders is somewhat related to the economic problem of "The Sharing of the Commons" where giving everybody the right to use a free resource leads to everybody losing that resource. At what point will allowing billions of people share in the free medical care, free college, and other scarce resources ruin it for everybody ---


A short history of corruption in Illinois ---


History of United States Immigration Laws ---


DHS: Illegal Border Crossings Surge In Anticipation of Biden Presidency ---


Open immigration can’t exist with a strong social safety net; if you’re going to assure healthcare and a decent income to everyone, you can’t make that offer global ---
Paul Krugman


Wherever they burn books, they will also, in the end, burn human beings ---
Heinrich Heine


It is by now well known that some of the greatest modern philosophers held racist views ---
https://aeon.co/essays/racism-is-baked-into-the-structure-of-dialectical-philosophy  ---

Also see


Assorted Charlie Munger Quotations ---



Walter E. Williams:  Insults to Black History ---


Walter E. Williams:  The Leftist Effort to Revise American History ---



Walter E. Williams:  Disgusting Professorial Teachings ---


Walter E. Williams:  The True Plight of Black Americans




Walter E. Williams:  Institutional Racism ---


Walter E. Williams: The Fight for Free Speech


Walter E. Williams:  Back to Academic Brainwashing ---

Walter E. Williams:  The Devil and Karl Marx ---


Is Racism Responsible for Today's Black Problems? ---


Some Fatherly Words of Wisdom from Jack Bogle, Founder of Vanguard Investments, to My Sons ---


Walter A. Williams:  The Nation's Report Card
How are K-12 schools doing under President Trump versus President Obama?

Jensen's Comment
Most K-12 schools were probably doing better when I was a child than they're doing today. The downhill slide is greatest in the gang-ridden schools, drug-infested urban schools like Chicago and New Orleans. Throwing money at such schools is not the answer until life at home recovers. Finland knows this, which is why Finland's dads spend more time with school children than the moms or the teachers.


Walter E. Williams:  Insane News Tidbits ---


Milton Friedman:  The Lesson of the Spoons ---
Chopsticks would be even better


Rep. Ilhan Omar Calls For “Dismantling” of US “Economy and Political Systems” (VIDEO) ---
Jensen Comment
Republicans are most grateful that Omar played a huge role in getting Biden nominated


Republican women flipped numerous House seats in 2020.---


California Voters Rebuked Their Governor, Legislators at the Ballot Box ---


Report: Belgian nursing homes failed patients amid pandemic ---


Bernie Burns AOC? Tells CNN Good Progressives Do Not Support 'Defunding Police' ---
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Only about 10 percent of Manhattan office workers were back as of Sept. 18, more than six months after the coronavirus pandemic upended life in the Big Apple, the Wall Street Journal had reported, citing data from commercial real estate services firm CBRE Group Inc. ---


Anti-Kaepernick' NFL veteran Burgess Owens elected to US Congress ---


The Squad Adds Members To The Democrat Anti-Israel Caucus ---



IRS doubles down on nondeductibility of PPP-funded expenses ---
IRS doubles down on nondeductibility of PPP-funded expenses - Journal of Accountancy


The Flat Tax Increases Growth ---  



The decades-long communist assault on America is reaching a climax ---


Seattle police union leader blasts city law enforcement cuts, warns 'public safety on the line' ---


The Eurozone Economy Plunges Back Into a Severe Decline ---



Indiana University students enraged after Hong Kong protestor is invited to speak ---
They prefer promoters of socialism/communism


A group of faculty members at the College of Charleston are asking the city to defund police ---


Minneapolis crime spike continues as 'defund the police' philosophy explodes in city's face ---
Minneapolis has one of the highest violent crime rates in the USA ---


Tear Down Trump's Walls and Open the Flood Gates
Biden Has Promised to Undo Trump's Immigration Policies. How Much Is He Really Likely to Reform?



Bloomberg: Is Silicon Valley over?

From Meghan Morris and Berber Jin:

Some tech elites are making moves out of San Francisco, as they rethink the area's costs, political climate, safety, and more. Keith Rabois, for example, is heading to Miami, while Ben Ling tells Business Insider he's weighing Austin or Miami. 

Silicon Valley, and San Francisco, have long been the capital of America's tech economy thanks to a variety of important factors. But the pandemic, and the rise of remote work via Zoom, has changed things.

More departures could threaten Silicon Valley's tech dominance, but they could also herald in cheaper rents, making the area more attractive to newcomers and residents alike — and maintain the region's longer-term viability as a breeding ground for innovation.

Read the full story here:

It's Time To Eliminate The Federal Corporate Income Tax ---

The authors provide an overview of the true purposes and incidence of corporate taxation and argue that it is inefficient and largely borne by consumers and employees, not shareholders. While the authors would prefer the elimination of the corporate profits tax, they understand the conventional thinking that taxes are necessary to help finance government expenditures—even if they disagree. Accordingly, the authors present alternatives to the corporate tax that shift the burden from consumers and employees to those who benefit the most from corporate success.


These 6 cities and these states will pay you to move to them ---

Tulsa and Oklahoma City
The Ozarks
Savannah, Georgia
Topeka, Kansas
Newton, Iowa
Hamilton, Ohio

Jensen Comment
Some deals are a bit deceptive. For example, Hanover and Lebanon are on the New Hampshire-Vermont border. Dartmouth College professors and its medical center employees who are lured into moving by Vermont's relocation program will find that their funding for moving to Vermont is quickly gobbled up by the monumentally higher taxes in Vermont if they continue to commute to New Hampshire in their jobs. And moving to Vermont for a job is likely to be disappointing in almost any profession.

Would you rather retire in Vermont or New Hampshire (where there are no income taxes or sales taxes)? Yeah, I know there are some considerations other than taxes such as where your children are now living.

November 28, 2020 Reply from Barbara Scofield

Stephen Cobert on moving to Topeka:  https://www.wibw.com/content/news/Choose-Topeka-program-joked-about-on-The-Late-Show-with-Stephen-Colbert-566302531.html
Topeka's response:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2ClwjHYkhU

Black BLM activists clash with white Antifa operatives over who gets to lead the movement ---

"A lot of whiteness started seeping into the forefront. A lot of white voices started seeping into the front."  —Devin Boss, BLM leader in Portland, Ore.

Leftist coalitions are inherently unstable, so it was only a matter of time before clashes between angry blacks under the banner of BLM started chafing over the prominence of mostly white Antifa radicals.  Power, after all, is what motivates the left, and political power is a zero-sum game.  Add in the permanent racial resentment animating Black Lives Matter, and the prospects for smooth collaboration between BLM and Antifa decline over time.

The violent revolution in the streets has been going on longer in Portland, Oregon than anywhere else in the United States, so it is unsurprising that the Rose City is where the clash first has become visible.  Oregon Public Radio reports (hat tip: Jeff Charles):

This week marks six months since Floyd's death, and protests continue in Portland. But now, activists in the city are divided as to whether they are still fighting in a racial justice movement centered on Black lives, or if an unfocused, anti-establishment fight against capitalism and state power has usurped the initial cause that brought thousands of Portlanders into the streets.

Instead of mass mobilizations focused on disrupting city streets and educating the public, recent protests draw a few dozen people who have regularly engaged in vandalism against such disparate targets as a Democratic Party office, the Oregon Historical Society and the Mexican consulate.

"We always made sure that Black faces were in the front and ... it was beautiful," [Portland BLM leader Devin] Boss said. "And then a lot of it slowly started seeping away. A lot of whiteness started seeping into the forefront. A lot of white voices started seeping into the front."

Boss and [Rose City Justice co-founder Darren] Golden would also prove to be lightning rods in the local activist scene. They were among the first leaders to be toppled by a tumultuous protest movement that is defiantly leaderless and rife with subplots, cliques and pers

"There was just a lot of beauty and genuineness that happened in the beginning of this movement," Boss said. "A lot of that faded away relatively quickly and turned into power dynamics." (snip)

"We've seen this happen over decades, over centuries," Golden said. "Black folks that get in power or have a voice are somehow squashed or quelled by a white political leadership or white organizing."

Continued in article

The Jewish Express:  A Brief History of Antifa: Part I ---

The Jewish Experess:  A Brief History of Antifa:  Part II ---

FBI director calls Antifa 'a real thing' ---

Updates on Medical Insurance


Open immigration can’t exist with a strong social safety net; if you’re going to assure healthcare and a decent income to everyone, you can’t make that offer global ---
Paul Krugman




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