Tidbits on June 30, 2020
Bob Jensen at Trinity University

Part 1 of Wes Lavin's Pictures of Our Wild Flower Field in June 2020 ---


Tidbits on June 30, 2020
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Excellent, Cross-Disciplinary Overview of Scientific Reproducibility in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy ---
[Researchers] are rewarded for being productive rather than being right, for building ever upward instead of checking the foundations.---
Decades of early research on the genetics of depression were built on nonexistent foundations. How did that happen?

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Tom Lehrer on Mathematical Models and Statistics ---
You must watch this to the ending to appreciate it.

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A Visualization of the United States’ Exploding Population Growth Over 200 Years (1790 – 2010)

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In September 2017 the USA National Debt exceeded $20 trillion for the first time ---

Human Population Over Time on Earth ---

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2014 Olympics - Carolina Kostner skating to Bolero ---

Watch 3,000+ Films Free Online from the National Film Board of Canada ---

The Sunset Hill House Hotel (near our cottage) ---
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The Shanghai Ballerina (she's 75 years old and dancing with her grandson) ---
Thank you Auntie Bev for the heads up

A Remarkable Pair of Duets --- https://jborden.com/2020/06/22/music-monday-a-remarkable-pair-of-duets/

Saxophonist Plays into Large Gas Pipes & Then Uses the Echo to Accompany Himself ---

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Immaculate No More — A famous painting of the Immaculate Conception by 17th century Baroque artist Bartolomé Esteban Murillo now resembles a fourth-grader’s sketch after a disastrous restoration attempt, prompting calls for greater regulation of the practice ---
Jensen Comment
Why can't you just click the undo button?

Photographing Freetowns: African American Kentucky through the Lens of Helen Balfour Morrison, 1935-1946 ---

Yellowstone: Virtual Tours (Science) --- www.nps.gov/yell/learn/photosmultimedia/virtualtours.htm

Michael Mandiberg: Live Study (art history) ---

Explore 1,100 Works of Art by Georgia O’Keeffe: They’re Now Digitized and Free to View Online ---

Artificial Intelligence Brings to Life Figures from 7 Famous Paintings: The Mona Lisa, Birth of Venus & More ---
Jensen Comment
I'm not so excited here except that it might be useful for pictures on the FBI's most wanted listing.

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OpenStreetMap Haiku ---

The New Yorker:  How Racist Was Flannery O’Connor?
Jensen Comment
Hypocritically her defenders pardon her for being a racist of her time while being unwilling to forgive George Washington, Thomas Jefferson for being slave owners, albeit kindly slave owners, of their time.


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Now in Another Tidbits Document
Political Quotations on June 30, 2020

Take Free Courses on African-American History from Yale and Stanford: From Emancipation, to the Civil Rights Movement, and Beyond ---

The Most In Demand Jobs As Lockdown in Lifted ---
Thank you Sharon Garvin for the heads up

1.    Software Engineer

2.    Nurse

3.    Salesperson

4.    Driver

5.    Supermarket Department Specialist

6.    Certified Public Accountant

7.    Project Manager

8.    Store Associate

9.    Supply Chain Associate

10.        Food Service Worker

 Jensen Comment

One of the reasons accounting is a relatively popular college major is that demand for accountants is relatively high in both economic upswings and downturns. Reasons include the economic cycle steadiness of the needs for financial statement auditing, accounting system maintenance, and requirement to file tax returns in good times and bad times. In comparison, demand for graduates in management, marketing, finance, and engineering is more cyclical. Demand for Ph.D. graduates in accountancy is high mainly because of current and projected shortages in academe. However, demand for doctoral program graduates may be temporarily down due to pandemic upheavals and unexpected budget shortages calling for increased use of cheaper adjuncts without doctoral degrees.

Salesperson listed above is too broad to have much meaning. Automotive sales persons are not in high demand due to lowered demand for vehicle purchases. Salespersons for malls are most certainly in oversupply as malls stores continue to close. Phones aren't ringing off the hooks for real estate sellers. Sales may pick up with white flight from cities.

Specialized salespersons are in increased demand such as food sellers, farm equipment sellers, alternative energy sellers, medical supply sellers, and some technology salespersons.

Not included above are police officers, onsite teachers, musicians, construction workers, oil drillers, road builders (think of plunge in road tax revenues), STEM graduates (except for nurses), etc. Factory workers will be in oversupply as the pandemic and increased taxation will shut down factories. It's not a good time to seek careers in professional sports.

Military recruiting will plunge as America pulls back from being the free world's police force.

Demand for most types of medical doctors, especially mental health specialists, will increase in 2021 as victorious Democrats bring on Medicare-for-All and wider coverage of mental health.

Demand for debt collectors will plunge as victorious Democrats forgive most indebtedness in 2021.

Demand for social workers will soar. especially the ones willing to replace police responding to 911 emergency calls.

Demand for coroners and undertakers will soar as more and more police are defunded.

The best way to teach yourself to code and land a 6-figure job, from 5 people who've done it ---
https://www.businessinsider.com/how-to-teach-yourself-code-and-land-6-figure-job-2019-7?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_content=BIPrime_select&utm_campaign=BI Prime 2020-06-25&utm_term=BI Prime Select

Over two-thirds of software developers are actually self-taught. A 2016 survey conducted by Stack Overflow on more than 56,000 coders also found that less than half have a computer science degree. 

One reason that people are so keen to teach themselves how to create and engineer software is that it's a career path that can quickly pay off — to the tune of $100,000 or more after just a few years of experience. While coding itself may be considered an entry-level tech skill, it's a basic building block that can open the door to a wide range of higher-paying positions, from tech lead or software architect all the way up to CTO.

There has perhaps never been a better time to take an independent approach to learning how to code — for a couple of good reasons. First, as the pandemic continues to lead to wide-scale layoffs, it can help to have a reliable, in-demand skill like coding to fall back on. Second, because you can develop code remotely and many employers need this skill, it's a perfect recession-proof solution for what to do next in a world where office-based work faces new challenges.

If you want to join the ranks of six-figure tech stars who taught themselves to code, take a page from the playbooks of people who've done it. Business Insider spoke with a panel of self-taught coders who leveraged their hard-won knowledge into enviable salaries and shared the following guidance for others who would like to follow in their footsteps.

. . .

Start by doing — and do it online

. . .

Don't get overwhelmed

. . .

Take advantage of developer communities

. . .

Leverage free resources

. . .

Try video tutorials

 Continued in article

Jensen Comment
And remember that a computer science degree (even a Ph.D.) does not teach you all the many coding/scriotung languages. Even as a computer science graduate you may want to self-teach yourself some coding you did not master as a formal student.

Bob Jensen's links to free coding tutorials and videos ---

A Winner of Four Academy Awards is Now Available for Streaming and It's Not What You Think ---

UCLA to Go Mostly Remote in Fall ---

Survey: 90% of Students Will Return to Research Universities ---

Thirty Popular Restaurants That Will Close Forever ---

The American Hospital Association lost its legal bid to stop the Trump administration from requiring hospitals to disclose secret rates they negotiate with insurance companies ---

Jensen Comment
This is analogous to those secret rates for-profit publishers (an oligopoly) of journals negotiate with selective libraries. To my knowledge those are still secret, but some prestigious universities are now refusing to pay even those discounted rip-off rates for what they think are unethical for-profit publishers.

California Community Colleges: Online Student Readiness Tutorials ---

Bob Jensen's threads on distance education --

Bob Jensen's threads on Tools and Tricks of Our Trade ---

First week back after shops reopened in England on 15 June saw almost 4m books sold, with Reni Eddo-Lodge’s anti-racism book still topping the charts ---

Jensen Comment
Book shop recovery may be slower in the USA with the darkening of so many small and large malls plus the worry about having customers handle books when the Covid-19 virus is still raising havoc. When universities open in Fall 2020 what are campus book shops going to do to restrict customer handling of merchandise? Students may increase their online purchasing of both textbooks and other books.

Also the Amazon used book market is the largest used book market in the world with lower shipping costs to USA customers. This is a drag on book shop recovery.

Another drag on book shop recover is the decline of tourist shoppers during this pandemic.

The recovery of book shops in England is nevertheless encouraging.

Bob Jensen's Threads on History of African and Native Americans in the USA ---

Photographing Freetowns: African American Kentucky through the Lens of Helen Balfour Morrison, 1935-1946 ---

How to mislead with statistics

This is the best versus worst states to retire: An illustration of the most absurd rankings yet -

What's misleading about this ranking?

First let's consider a few clues.
The popular retirement state of Florida is a Rank 1 while another popular retirement state Arizona is at Rank at Rank 27 and popular Nevada is at Rank 47?
High tax state Illinois is at Rank 9 while equally high tax state California is at Rank 19 and New York is at Rank 17?
What makes Illinois so great relative to Arizona and Nevada? Or is Illinois even a popular retirement state for persons not having lived in Illinois for most of their lives?
We know for certain that Arizona and Nevada are popular retirement states for people who have not lived in those states for most of their lives.

Freezing Minnesota with its high taxes comes in comes in at Rank 2 as a better retirement state than 48 other states.
Is Minnesota really a popular retirement state for people who did not live in Minnesota most of their lives?
What's going on here?

The first thing that's wrong is that within most any state outliers distort the numeric criteria used in the above rankings. For example, in New York State the high real estate average price is distorted greatly by the millions homes in the largest cities of New York and its closest suburbs. But persons seeking retirement in up state New York can make much better deals by distancing themselves from NYC.

Secondly, real estate price averages are distorted by prices of large family homes with four bedrooms or more. Millions of people retiring however are scaling down into smaller retirement town houses. condos, mobile homes, or apartments that provide much cheaper alternatives such as those found in popular retirement communities. My point is that real estate average prices for an entire state like Arizona or Nevada are not relevant to average prices for smaller alternatives being sought out by the majority of retirees.

Thirdly, the main drivers of housing costs in most parts of any state are quality of public schools and commuting times to jobs. It's most likely that retirees are seeking to escape from high property taxes that accompany public school quality since retirees are no longer concerned with schools for their children. And retirees no longer concern themselves with commuting times for work.

The above ranking also relies upon a state's average life expectancy. This is an absurd criterion for retirees seeking to move out of state for retirement. Life expectancy is more apt to be influenced by where people grew up and spent 90% of their younger years rather than the influence of the last 10% of their lives. By the time they retire their doctors have already taken away booze, fatty foods, sugar, and high caloric goodies. And retirees still suffer from the former stresses of their work and commuting hours.

Now let's consider the crime variable used in this study. There can be a huge denominator impact here where state population impacts crime risk unrealistically. Alaska's crime average is relatively high because the state's population denominator is so small. The same is true for Nevada, New Mexico, etc. Crime variables can also be badly distorted by outliers like high population NYC, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Atlanta, Chicago, etc. And high crime cities are not usually where out-of-state retirees are headed within a state. What person from Iowa wants to retire in Chicago or Detroit? Give Iowa retirees Iowa, Arizona, Arkansas, or Texas.

The same problem exists with using percent of older people within a state. The first thing to note is that there is not a whole lot of variation in this variable. Yeah, Alaska has a lower senior citizen rate, but the neighborhood variable is not relevant to most older Alaskans. Most retirees are not leaving Alaska because there are not enough older people in the neighborhood. Most retirees are leaving Alaska because there are so few daylight hours much of the year, it's cold most of the year, and the children no longer live in Alaska because there were no job opportunities. Many retirees leave Alaska to be closer to their children rather than live closer to old farts like themselves.

The bottom line is that this is a quant study that did not include the main variable --- where people really are retiring. It looked that five variables that badly generated misleading conclusions.

Minnesota is not the Number 2 sought after retirement location in the USA even if the fishing is pretty good.

Illinois is not the Number 9 sought after retirement location in the USA even if ????? (I can't think of a retirement attraction for Illinois).

Texas is a relatively popular retirement state because it's quite likely one or more of the children found work in Texas --- a factor not taken into consideration in this ranking of states. Retirees often like to be closer to their children and grandchildren.

How to Mislead With Statistics

The Hard Truth Of Poker — And Life: You’re Never ‘Due’ For Good Cards ---

Jensen Comment
Never Say Never

Much depends upon whether you're talking about the next play (flip, hand, roll, game) in a succession of plays. Consider the flipping of a fair coin in which you always bet on "heads." You're never due for a head on any given flip. The probability head is always 50% as long as the coin is fair. However, probability of not getting a single head in a million flips is virtually (asymptotically) zero. This is why casinos will never allow you to keep doubling your bet with each successive play for an unlimited number of plays of any casino game. In other words casino owners are well aware of the St. Petersburg Paradox.

St. Pertersburg Paradox --- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Petersburg_paradox#The_paradox

Thus the odds of not getting a head on the first coin flip is 1/2. But the odds of not getting a head in the first two flips is 1/4=(1/2)(1/2). The odds of not getting a head in the first three flips is 1/8 etc.

Thus to claim you are "not due" for a head on any single flip is correct. But to say your are "not due" for the first head in a succession of flips is not mathematically correct. The probability of getting the first head in a succession of flips keeps increasing toward a 100% probability.

Of course with poker this becomes more complicated since there are so many more outcomes or each hand that is dealt and strategy comes into play. In penny ante poker that strategy does not usually entail bluffing. But in high stakes poker bluffing also becomes a major part of the play and messes up mathematical probabilities a great deal.

This is why most poker games have constraints.
One constraint is a betting limit for each hand played.
Another constraint is usually a preset quitting time, especially in penny ante poker.
In penny ante poker who wins the most in a night usually depends greatly upon that preset quitting time when betting limits are in place and bluffing is a hopeless strategy.

And if your strategy is to frequently call bluffs of a given player in the game of higher stakes poker you are increasingly due to win a hand since the probability of a bluffer always having the winning hand become successively very low as the night goes on. That of course does not mean that you are more likely to be a winner for the night.

How to Mislead With Statistics

The Five Most Expensive Countries in the World ---

The latest data, for 2017, demonstrate the huge disparities in the cost of living between countries. Japan was five times more expensive than Egypt. This means that the amount the average Japanese person could buy was about three times more than the average Egyptian. It’s still a big difference, but not as massive as it might appear at first glance.

The most expensive country in the world in 2017 was Bermuda, with prices about 105% above the global average. Bermuda was followed by Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, and the Cayman Islands. These are all very rich countries, where labor is costly, a major contributor to high prices. It is no coincidence that three of the top five are islands, which makes importing goods to these places extra expensive. The least expensive countries were poor nations like Eritrea (76% less expensive than average), Egypt (73%,) and Ukraine (67%).

. . .

Generating price statistics is not easy. The World Bank works with the statistical agencies of each country to gather prices on a set of commonly purchased goods across the world (pdf). For example, data is collected on the cost of rice, gas, TVs, and housing. The researchers’ goal is to collect prices for similar types of goods of more or less the same quality.

The measurement for the overall price level of a country is not simply comparing a similar basket of goods across all countries, but also accounts for what locals tend to buy. People in China eat a lot of pork, so the price of pork plays a bigger role than beef in determining China’s overall price level. The amount of any product that is included in a price level calculation is determined by examining surveys of household expenditures for that country.

The World Bank also releases data on the price level by major product type. The data show that not only do overall price levels vary across countries, but even within countries, the price differences with the rest of the world fluctuate widely depending on the product or service. For example, in the UK, the cost of “transport” was 39% higher than the global average, but the cost of “food and beverages” was only 7% higher. These differences are often due to government policies, like trade barriers or business subsidies, that raise or lower prices for industries. Generally though, prices tend to be relatively higher in rich countries for goods and services that involve a lot of labor, like prices at restaurants and hotels, and relatively lower for commodities like food and clothing.

The chart below shows the relative costs of different product groups for the 30 most populous countries in the world, and if you hover over a dot it will highlight the cost of that good across all countries.

Continued in article

Jensen Comment
One of the huge problems in comparing cost of living is that items being compared are not fungible, especially housing. For example, for an Egyptian median-income homeowner to live like a median-income Swiss homeowner is enormously expensive in Egypt because of the quality of housing available to median income residents. There are also great differences in non-quantifiable quality-of-life factors for home owners. A friend of mine who lived in Egypt said one of the frustrations was noise at night that arises because so many Egyptians are outdoors at all hours of the night to escape the heat. Night noise is not so much a problem in Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland.

Variations in housing costs vary within nations, and in some nations these variations are much greater than in other nations. For example, the variation in housing costs in Iceland is much lower than the variation in housing costs in the USA (think of housing costs in San Francisco versus Topeka). Or think of variation in housing costs within given cities like New York, Chicago, and San Antonio.

Transportation costs vary greatly with geography. Japan is a relatively small nation with very efficient public transportation. The USA, Russia, China, and India are relatively large geographic nations where having public transportation everywhere like Japan has public transportation everywhere is not economically feasible.

Taxes are difficult to compare between nations. Some countries like Bermuda, Iceland, and Norway can divert taxes to social services (think health care) since relatively little must be spent on national defense. For whatever reason, the USA, Russia, India, and China divert a much higher proportion of tax revenues into national defense (think nuclear arms and air force spending alone).

There's an enormous problem is comparing hugely different populations. Bermuda has a permanent population of slightly over 70,000 residents making labor costs relatively high. Egypt has 100 million residents making labor costs relatively cheap.

I could go on and on, but I suspect that by now you get the point.

BBC:  Germany riot: Gangs smash shops and attack police in Stuttgart ---

Tesla Quality Falls Short (actually worst)  in J.D. Power Car Survey ---

Jensen Comment
Good thing Elon Musk has higher quality controls on manned space rockets that don't whistle in the wind like Teslas

Machiavellianism --- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Machiavellianism_(psychology)#Motivation

When Does Chewing Out Asses Work Better?

When Coaches Graham and Gazowski treated you nicely they'd already given up on you

University of Notre Dame braces for estimated $100 million loss because of coronavirus pandemic ---

UCLA Gains STEM-Designation For All Three MBA Programs ---

Jensen Comment
Unlike UC Berkeley UCLA has no undergraduate business programs and specialties (undergraduate or graduate) for such things as preparing for a CPA career. MBA programs offer samplings of various disciplines of business but no depth in any specialty. Career success of MBA programs depends heavily upon admission standards and pre-MBA specialties. Unlike the sciences, MBA programs do not offer specialty tracks for selected undergraduates the way certain science majors can get masters degrees in environmental science, etc.

Both universities have undergraduate and graduate engineering programs where the engineering specialties can be continued for undergraduate engineers.

How to Mislead With Statistics

New York algebra fact of the day---

Take here in New York, where in 2016 the passing rate for the Regents Examination in Algebra I test was 72 percent. Unfortunately, this (relatively) higher rate of success does not indicate some sort of revolutionary pedagogy on the part of New York state educators. As the New York Post complained in 2017, passing rates were so high in large measure because the cutoff for passing was absurdly low — so low that students needed only to answer 31.4 percent of the questions correctly to pass the 2017 exam.

Walter A. Williams:  The Nation's Report Card
How are K-12 schools doing under President Trump versus President Obama?

Jensen's Comment
Most K-12 schools were probably doing better when I was a child than they're doing today. The downhill slide is greatest in the gang-ridden schools, drug-infested urban schools like Chicago and New Orleans. But the slide is virtually everywhere in the USA.


Throwing money at such schools is not the answer until life at home recovers. Finland knows this, which is why Finland's dads spend more time with school children than the moms or the teachers.


Harvard Goes Test Optional ---

Jensen Comment
It's a little like a dating app where some people send in pictures and others don't send in pictures. My guess is that there are always suspicions about the people that don't send in pictures of themselves.

More seriously, one huge problem of not submitting test scores is that just about every applicant to Harvard will have been virtually a straight A student high school. Harvard is not unique. With K-12 grade inflation, every applicant to Cactus Gulch Remedial College will have been a 4.0 student every year before applying to learn to read and do arithmetic.

Having to reject over 90% of the applicants to Harvard is a Harvard problem. I'm not going to worry about Harvard's rejection plan.

I know one applicant accepted by both Harvard and Texas A&M who chose Harvard because it was easier to be a 4.0 graduate from Harvard where the median grade averages of all graduates is A-
Professor Mansfield gave two grades to every student who took his Harvard course. One was an A for the student's transcript. The other was a secret grade to let the student know about actual performance in the course.

A Traffic Time Bomb? Forgoing Road Tests (for driving licenses) and the Future of Road Safety ---

This is what can happen without road tests --- 

Only 5% Of Black First-Time Takers Passed February California Bar Exam, Compared To 52% Of Whites, 42% Of Asians, And 31% Of Hispanics ---


Only 1 in 5 Schools Offered 'Rigorous' Remote Learning, Study Says ---

Jensen Comment
This makes me wonder how rigorous remote college teaching became during the BLM protests that are still going on.

UCLA suspended accounting professor gets police protection after he declined a student’s request to shorten the final exam and extend deadlines for final assignments in consideration of black students’ well-being in light of the protests against police violence
 Jensen Comment
 The debate should center on whether the shortened final and extended deadlines should apply to all students in the university or just black students. The extended deadlines could mean that virtually all students versus just black students at UCLA could get incomplete grades for the Spring 2020 semester. 

This of course could also delay getting diplomas for graduating students. Students don't want that!


New Ways for Students to Cheat

CUNY professors uncover ‘scandalous’ level of cheating in final exams ---
https://nypost.com/2020/06/13/cuny-professors-uncover-scandalous-level-of-cheating-in-final-exams/?utm_source=email_sitebuttons&utm_medium=site buttons&utm_campaign=site buttons

Trust in God, but Tie Your Camel:  Use Zoom Testing Online
This is how a Villanova Professor uses Zoom Testing Online to discourage cheating

Bob Jensen's threads on cheating ---

The history of Black management reveals an overlooked study of capitalism ---

Also see

Pride Month Resource Kit for Journalists --- www.glaad.org/publications/pridekit

Summer Solstice Activities for Children (Science) --- 

Moore's Law --- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moore%27s_law

Today your hand-held phone may have 500 Gb of flash memory. This is a picture of the size of 5 Mb of hard drive in 1956

Nature:  High-profile coronavirus retractions raise concerns about data oversight ---

Jensen Comment
What's all the fuss? In academic accounting research  we always accept purchased databases (think Compustat, CRSP, and AuditAnalytics)  as error free. We also tend not to replicate research findings for any reason, but on rare occasions when we replicate we use the same purchased data. Do you ever wonder why accounting practitioners are not interested in academic accounting research journals?

What would happen if your campus's reopening plan had to be reviewed by Institutional Review Board as an experiment?

The new popularity of remote work is putting a spotlight on income taxes that New York and five other states impose on workers living elsewhere ---

Jensen Comment
One of our Sugar Hill residents (her husband is a retired Coast Guard Helicopter Pilot) has worked from her home for years as an editor of reports written by one international consulting firm. In New Hampshire there's no state income tax on her earnings. I think she's paid as an outside (gig) professional by the New York office of the Virginia-headquartered consulting firm.

Taxation Without Representation
It seems to me that she's being taxed without having any voice in New York politics since she's not allowed to vote in New York. She's also being taxed by New York without receiving any state services or benefits from the State of New York, services and benefits that are provided to residents of New York.

Suppose that she requests that her gig pay be paid for by the Virginia headquarters of that consulting firm even though most of the reports she edits come out of the New York City office of that Virginia consulting firm. Can New York still tax her revenue from the New York office of that consulting firm?

As a hypothetical scenario, suppose Ann forms a LLC and offers her editing services to other companies in the USA as well as this one consulting firm. If business is good she might even engage other editors from any of the 50 states in the USA. Could the State of New York then tax some of her company's profits?

My good friend Bob Anthony, now deceased, was a long time (1940-1982) Harvard University accounting professor who in various years was President of the American Accounting Association and for a time served as comptroller at the US Department of Defense under Robert S. McNamara, where Anthony supervised the quality of accounting and financial reporting, Bob is also a member of the Accounting Hall of Fame ---

Even when working full time at Harvard Bob commuted from his primary home in New Hampshire. It's my understanding that in those days he had to pay Massachusetts income tax on his Harvard salary for working on site at Harvard. However, in many years Bob made more from book royalties and investments than his Harvard salary. I think that, since his home was in NH, he did not pay Massachusetts income tax on those book royalties and other investments. He also paid no Massachusetts income taxes on the contributions Harvard made to his TIAA/CREF retirement fund --- even after he started drawing retirement income while living in NH.

How long will it be before New York starts coming after a former New York professor's TIAA/CREF retirement pay even though that professor's retired in Florida or New Hampshire?

As another  hypothetical suppose there's a well-known accountant, Professor X, living in Washington DC with a unique specialty course on Defense Department Financial Systems that is an option for credit from a New York university. Can the State of New York tax the revenues paid to Professor X by the on-campus students of that New York university? Probably not unless the NY university collects the tuition and transmits it to Professor X.

Chimpanzees help shed light on origins of human speech, study reveals ---

A Burning, the debut novel by Megha Majumdar, received a very unusual stellar review by James Woods in The New Yorker and an "annoying politically correct review" in The New York Times ---

Jensen Comment
These reviews fascinated me having just watched the thrilling film "Hotel Mumbai" that I waited forever to mailed to me by Netflix ---

The Greece bailout was 43% of Greek gdp in 2011 ---

From the Scout Report on June 19, 2020

Raindrop ---  https://raindrop.io/
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The Bird Library: A Library Built Especially for Our Fine Feathered Friends ---

The Antioquia brushfinch endemic to Antioquia, one of the 32 regions Colombia calls departments, hadn’t been seen in 47 years. It was thought to be extinct—until, in 2018 ---

USGS: Wetland and Aquatic Research Center



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June 16, 2020

·        What Difference Do Calorie Counts on Menus Make?

·        How to Cope When COVID Steals Loving Touch, Hugs

·        Ground Beef Recalled Over E. coli Fear

·        Lockdowns Making Things Worse for Obese Americans

·        USDOT Providing Travelers 100 Million Face Masks

·        As Summer Begins, CDC Updates Social Guidelines

·        Players Express Concern As NBA Eyes Restart

·        As Many as 140,000 COVID-19 Deaths by July 4

·        New COVID-19 Outbreak Locks Down Beijing District

·        COVID-19 Can Start With Neurological Symptoms

June 18, 2020

·        NYC to Enter Phase Two of Reopening Plan on Monday

·        Americans at Unhappiest Level in 50 Years, Study Says

·        Beijing Schools Close During New COVID-19 Outbreak

·        Low-Dose Radiation Therapy May Help COVID Patients

·        Honduras President Tests Positive for COVID-19

·        Couple, 90, Reunites After Wife Beats COVID-19

·        Blood Type Could Impact Odds for Severe COVID-19

·        Half of Coronavirus Infections May Be Asymptomatic

·        Masks and Summer Heat: Expert Tips

June 19, 2020

·        How Well Do Americans Know the Facts About COVID?

·        People With HIV Still Live Shorter, Sicker Lives

·        Black Atlanta COVID-19 Patients Hospitalized More

·        NYC to Enter Phase Two of Reopening Plan on Monday

·        Americans at Unhappiest Level in 50 Years, Study Says

·        Beijing Schools Close During New COVID-19 Outbreak

June 20, 2020

·        Florida Could Be Next COVID-19 Epicenter

·        Arizona is ‘Worst Off’ Right Now

·        Dad Meets Newborn Son Weeks After Surviving COVID-19

·        Is It Safe to Play Sports?

·        Mosquito, Tick Populations Unchecked Amid COVID-19

·        Only 3 States ‘On Track to Contain’ Coronavirus

·        16 Friends Test Positive After Bar Visit

·        Masks No Longer Required in West Wing

·        How COVID is Affecting U.S. Food Supply Chain

June 24, 2020

·        Minority Medicare Patients Hospitalized More Often

·        Is It Safe to Go Out to Eat?

·        Airports Asks Congress for Face Mask Policies

·        Early CDC COVID-19 Test Kits 'Likely Contaminated'

·        Largest Single-Day Jump in COVID-19 Cases Reported

·        Inhaled Version of Remdesivir Gets Clinical Trials

·        COVID Spreads Quickly in Crowded Homes

·        Severe COVID Ups Odds for Heart Conditions 10-Fold

·        Drug Might Relieve Low Back Pain in Whole New Way

June 27, 2020

·        Almost 180,000 U.S. COVID-19 Deaths by Oct. 1

·        U.S. Infections Likely 10 Times Higher

·        Texas Gov. Pauses Economic Reopening

·        Herd Immunity Threshold Could Be As Low As 43%

·        Rethinking Youth Suicide Prevention During COVID

·        NBA to Use High-Tech Rings to Help Detect COVID-19

·        Pandemic Hits Primary Care Practices Hard

·        Need Better Sleep? Get a Partner

·        Cities Brace for ‘Collision’ of Heat and COVID-19


Humor for June 2020

A bear who couldn't apparently bear the temperatures any longer was recorded lapping up a margarita and hanging in an unheated hot tub at a California home over the weekend ---

Car ownership can be seen as a privilege in developing countries, and judging by the applause that this new driver got as he slowly pulled away from the crowd, maybe it's a privilege that needs more rigor in granting driving licenses ---

Q..How do you keep your car from being stolen?
A...Buy a standard shift model

Q...How do you send a message in code?
A...Write in cursive --- doctors coded prescriptions using this code for years

Forwarded by Auntie Bev

Due to Covid-19 we're asking protesters to work at home and destroy their own property

White bread will now be referred to as "privileged white"

Dark bread will be referred to as "unprofiled dark" (I made this one up)

Can we still order black coffee?
What will we call brownie dessert?
What will we call dark eggs?

Cracker Barrel is screwed
Dixie Chicks singers are now just Chicks (even if they're really old hens by now)

A DUI Joke Forwarded by Tina

A woman ran a red traffic light and crashed into a man's car. Both of their cars are demolished, but amazingly neither of them was hurt.

After they crawled out of their cars, the woman said; "Wow, just look at our cars! There's nothing left, but fortunately we are unhurt. This must be a sign from God that we should meet and be friends and live together in peace for the rest of our days.”

The man replied, "I agree with you completely. This must be a sign from God!

The woman continued, "And look at this, here's another miracle. My car is completely demolished, but my bottle of 75 year old scotch didn't break. Surely God meant for us to drink this vintage delicacy and celebrate our good fortune." Then she handed the bottle to the man.

The man nods his head in agreement, opened it, drank half the bottle and then handed it back to the woman. The woman took the bottle, immediately put the cap back on, and handed it back to the man.

The man asks, "Aren't you having any?" She replies, "Nah. I think I'll just wait for the police."

Some years ago Adam ate the apple. Men will never learn!

Forwarded by Paula

The Black Death during 1347-1351 was the most fatal pandemic recorded in human history, resulting in the deaths of up to 75–200 million.

The ending was celebrated with drunkeness and orgies.

Are there any plans to celebrate the ending of this Covid-19 pandemic?

Also forwarded by Paula

Now that I've lived through a plague I understand why those paintings from the middle ages feature naked fat people

Some call it multitasking. At my age I call it doing something else while I'm trying to remember what I was doing in the first place.

The worst time to have a heart attack is during while playing a game of Charades.

Senior Acronyms
BFF Best Friend Fell
BYOWC Bring Your Own Wheel Chair
BYOT Bring Your Own Teeth
LYDO --- Laughing Your Dentures Out
FWIW Forgot Where I Was
OMMR On My Massage Recliner
LMTL Lower Mask; Talk Louder
DL Defund Lawyers

Thinking Like the Old Cat
"The old lady fell and can't get up."
"Who's going to feed me now?"

Our minister tends to fall asleep before his weekly sermon
This Sunday we came prepared
While he was asleep
Our congregation laid out a trail of underwear leading to the door
And we all went went home before his boring sermon

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The Cult of Statistical Significance: How Standard Error Costs Us Jobs, Justice, and Lives ---

How Accountics Scientists Should Change: 
"Frankly, Scarlett, after I get a hit for my resume in The Accounting Review I just don't give a damn"
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Projected Population Growth (it's out of control) --- http://geography.about.com/od/obtainpopulationdata/a/worldpopulation.htm
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Facts about population growth (video) --- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMcfrLYDm2U
Projected U.S. Population Growth --- http://www.carryingcapacity.org/projections75.html
Real time meter of the U.S. cost of the war in Iraq --- http://www.costofwar.com/ 
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MAAW Knowledge Portal for Management and Accounting --- http://maaw.info/

Academy of Accounting Historians and the Accounting Historians Journal ---

Sage Accounting History --- http://ach.sagepub.com/cgi/pdf_extract/11/3/269

A nice timeline on the development of U.S. standards and the evolution of thinking about the income statement versus the balance sheet is provided at:
"The Evolution of U.S. GAAP: The Political Forces Behind Professional Standards (1930-1973)," by Stephen A. Zeff, CPA Journal, January 2005 --- http://www.nysscpa.org/cpajournal/2005/105/infocus/p18.htm
Part II covering years 1974-2003 published in February 2005 --- http://www.nysscpa.org/cpajournal/2005/205/index.htm 

A nice timeline of accounting history --- http://www.docstoc.com/docs/2187711/A-HISTORY-OF-ACCOUNTING

From Texas A&M University
Accounting History Outline --- http://acct.tamu.edu/giroux/history.html

Bob Jensen's timeline of derivative financial instruments and hedge accounting ---

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