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I must thank Professor Albrecht for the honor.
"Prof Albrecht’s Most Influential," by David Albrecht, The Summa, August 28, 2011 ---

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Sometimes the news items provide links to teaching resources for accounting educators.
Any college may post a news item.

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Peter, Paul, and Barney: An Essay on 2008 U.S. Government Bailouts of Private Companies ---

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Bob Jensen's Pictures and Stories

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Carl Olson's CPA Watch ---
Carl Olson's Bio ---
What has gone wrong with CPA auditors? ---

Francine McKenna maintains an outstanding auditing blog re:TheAuditors ---

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AAO weblog (Jack Ciesielski)
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PwC Flashline Weekly (from the PwC CFO Direct Blog) --- Click Here
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Big Four Blog ---
Infrequent entries by alumni of the Big Four (only positive news posted)

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Accounting Onion (Tom Selling) 
Tom tends to react to new announcements from the FASB and IASB. More of a theory site.

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FEI Financial Reporting Blog (Edith Orenstein)  

Financial Executives International ---

Gerald Trites'eBusiness and XBRL Blogs ---

Management and Accounting Blog ---
Less active but a great site for history research

Canadian accounting blogs done by Golden Practice Inc. president Michelle Golden

Jstor (a great site that is not free, but it may be free if your college library subscribes) ---

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Tax News from Bloomberg Business Week

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American Institute of CPAs (AICPA)          Journal of Accountancy 
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Accounting program news items for colleges are posted at
Sometimes the news items provide links to teaching resources for accounting educators.
Any college may post a news item.

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December 23, 2009 message from Roger Debreceny [roger@DEBRECENY.COM]

The IASB is trialling podcast summaries of each meeting at . Being a systems person, I only take a moderate issue in the intricacies of the latest financial accounting standards setting. But the first 30 minute podcast with IASB board member Steve Cooper and fellow Kiwi, Alan Teixeira, Director of Technical Activities at the Board provided a very useful summary of key issues.

Greetings to all on AECM for Christmas and the New Year.



149 Interesting People to Follow on Twitter (but I don't have time to follow them) ---

Science News --- 
Also see PhysOrg ---

From Paul Caron's Tax Prof Blog on February 20, 2012 ---

I am thrilled that our Law Professor Blogs Network has been named one of The 10 Best Websites for Law Students by The National Jurist:

For law students who know what legal field they are interesyted in Law Professor Blogs is a great resource. Broken down by specialty, the blogs on the site are created by law professors, for law professors. The blogs contain links to recent news in their fields, as well as abstracts of newly published papers.

The other sites in the Top 10 are:

Bob Jensen's threads on accountancy and tax news sites are at


Fraud News

Bob Jensen's Fraud Helpers

Securities Law Professor Blog (great site maintained by Barbara Black) ---

SEC Press Releases ---

Stanford Law School Portal to Securities Class Action Lawsuits ---

FBI Corporate Fraud Chart in August 2008 --- 

A great blog on securities and accounting fraud --- 

Consumer Fraud Detection and Reporting ---

Informercial Scams (even those carried on the main TV networks)---

Richard Campbell notes a nice white collar crime blog edited by some law professors --- 

Lexis Nexis Fraud Prevention Site ---

From the AICPA
Overview of Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF) Credential --- Click Here Certified in Financial Forensics Credential.aspx 


The MAAW site has two special links for fraud:

Professor Martin places every article and book he finds related to fraud on the following pages:

Auditing Bibliography ---

Creative Accounting Bibliography ---

Community News
SeeClickFix ---


Bob Jensen's threads on XBRL, XML, OLAP, etc. ---

XBRL Home --- 
XBRL U.S. ---  is the U.S. jurisdiction.

Interactive Data and XBRL Initiatives ---

Financial Reporting Using XBRL (maintained by Charles Hoffman) --- 

XBRL Canada Blog (maintained by Jerry Trites) --- 

XBRL Networking --- 

Hitachi interactive data blog on XBRL --- 

TryXBRL --- 

Bryant University Resource Center --- 

Rivet XBRL Markup Software (Proprietary) --- 

UB Matrix Enterprise Applications Suite (Proprietary) --- 

April 14, 2009 reply from Eric E. Cohen/RBJ [cybercpa@SPRYNET.COM]

A few more links:

FREE XBRL software for use by academics/consortium: 
FREE (and royalty free) XBRL Validation engine and (not free) XML/XBRL tooling: 

Important webcasts and learning resources for one of the NON-financial reporting sides of XBRL - the XBRL Global Ledger Framework (XBRL GL) -


Some AICPA Links of Possible Interest

Product announcements appearing in SmartBrief are paid advertisements and do not reflect actual AICPA endorsements. The news reported in SmartBrief does not necessarily reflect the official position of AICPA.

AICPA Resources


Bob Jensen's threads on Accounting News ---


Past Editors of Issues in Accounting Education, Accounting Horizons, and The Accounting Review 

EDITORS of Issues in Accounting Education

1983–1985 Richard J. Murdock

1986–1988 Robert W. Ingram

1989–1991 Daniel L. Jensen

1992–1995 Frederick L. Neumann

1996–1998 Wanda A. Wallace

1999–2001 David E. Stout

2002–2004 Thomas P. Howard

2005–2007 Sue Pickard Ravenscroft

2008-2010 E. Kent St. Pierre

2011- ? William Pasewark (Texas Tech)

The AAA Executive Committee decision to drop Issues in Accounting Education and Accounting Horizons followed by the grass roots Internet movement that blocked this decision and kept the two journals alive ---


PAST EDITORS of Accounting Horizons

1987–1988 R. K. Mautz

1989–1991 Robert J. Sack

1992–1994 Jerry L. Arnold

1995–1997 Helen Gernon

1998–2000 Eugene A. Imhoff, Jr. and John C. Burton

2001–2003 James A. Largay III

2004–2006 Robert C. Lipe

2007-2009 Ella Mae Matsumura and David A. Ziebart

2010- 2011  Dana R. Hermanson

2012 -          Paul Williams and Arnold Wright

History of Accounting Horizons Editorial Policy ---


PAST EDITORS of The Accounting Review

1926–1929 William A. Paton

1929–1943 Eric L. Kohler

1944–1947 A. C. Littleton

1948–1949 Robert L. Dixon ey

1950–1959 Frank P. Smith

1959–1962 Robert K. Mautz

1962–1965 Lawrence L. Vance

1965–1967 Wendell Trumbull

1968–1970 Charles H. Griffin

1971–1972 Eldon S. Hendriksen

1976–1978 Don T. DeCoster

1978–1983 Stephen A. Zeff

1983–1987 Gary L. Sundem

1987–1990 William Kinn

1990–1994 A. Rashad Abdel-khalik

1994–1997 Robert P. Magee

1997–2000 Gerald L. Salamon

2000–2002 Linda Smith Bamber

2002–2005 Terry Shevlin

2005–2008 Dan S. Dhaliwal

2008-2011 Steven J. Kachelmeier

2011- ? John H. Evans, III (Harry) University of Pittsburgh

History of Editorial Policy of The Accounting Review ---

Also see


SSRN's Accounting Research Network (ARN) Directed by Ross Watts ---

Jensen Comment
Many accounting professors still think of SSRN as simply a database of working papers, many of which are now free --- although they may not be the latest versions that were eventually published by journals that are not free.

However, there are some other services now available that we don't often think of as being available at SSRN. For example, the ARN subsidiary of the SSRN posts academic accounting job openings ---
These are more focused on R1 research universities and, as such, do not cast quite as wide a net as the job postings at the American Accounting Association site.

The SSRN also posts announcements with the primary focus being on forthcoming conferences. Here the net is wider than the conference postings of the American Accounting Association.

There are various other free and fee-based ARN services listed at

Even more importantly there are similar subsidiaries of SSRN available in other business, law, organization behavior, philosophy, and social science disciplines ---
Note the column on the far left.

Bob Jensen's links to accounting news sites ---

Bob Jensen's links to accounting blogs, listservs, and social/professional networking sites ---


Selected International Accounting Standards (IFRS) News and Free Tutorial Sites

IFRS News --- Deloitte's IAS Plus International Accounting Blog --- 
This site also summarizes key FASB News on domestic standards.


IASB ---

Check out the popular IFRS learning Deloitte link is  
Also see the free IFRS course (with great cases) --- Click Here
Also see the Virginia Tech IFRS Course ---
Send a request to John Brozovsky [jbrozovs@VT.EDU]

I found from the UK that might be helpful for IFRS learning resources --- Click Here

Many IFRS tutorial links are provided at the AAA Commons Site under the heading "Hot Topics"

Accountancy blogs, listservs, tweets, and social networks ---


AECM (Educators)
AECM is an email Listserv list which provides a forum for discussions of all hardware and software which can be useful in any way for accounting education at the college/university level. Hardware includes all platforms and peripherals. Software includes spreadsheets, practice sets, multimedia authoring and presentation packages, data base programs, tax packages, World Wide Web applications, etc.

Over the years the AECM has become the worldwide forum for accounting educators on all issues of accountancy and accounting education, including debates on accounting standards, managerial accounting, careers, fraud, forensic accounting, auditing, doctoral programs, and critical debates on academic (accountics) research, publication, replication, and validity testing.


For an elaboration on the reasons you should join a ListServ (usually for free) go to

Selected Accounting History Sites

Accounting History Libraries at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) ---
The above libraries include international accounting history.
The above libraries include film and video historical collections.

MAAW Knowledge Portal for Management and Accounting ---

Academy of Accounting Historians
(including the Accounting Historians Journal) ---

Sage Accounting History ---

A nice timeline on the development of U.S. standards and the evolution of thinking about the income statement versus the balance sheet is provided at:
"The Evolution of U.S. GAAP: The Political Forces Behind Professional Standards (1930-1973)," by Stephen A. Zeff, CPA Journal, January 2005 ---
Part II covering years 1974-2003 published in February 2005 --- 

A nice timeline of accounting history ---

From Texas A&M University
Accounting History Outline ---


Richard Torian's Managerial Accounting Information Center --- 

O'Keefe Accounting Library Searches

Canadian Printer and Publisher (history of various trades and industries) ---
You can search for various industry terms such as accounting, cost, bookkeeping, etc.

Bob Jensen's timeline of derivative financial instruments and hedge accounting ---

History of Fraud in America ---
Also see


Bob Jensen's gateway to millions of other blogs and social/professional networks ---

Bob Jensen's Homepage ---

Top Accounting and Education Twitter Tweets

"Checkout Our “The Best Of “Twitter Lists – Love Your DM or RT," The Big Four Blog, November 9, 2009 ---

Twitter just released its latest exciting functionality - Twitter Lists, and we think it’s awesome and very timely.

It allows us to curate who we think are the most appropriate Tweeters to follow in our niche space of The Big Four Firms, accounting, finance, tax, jobs and related topics.

We have already created some list, which we are calling “The Best Of”. We rather like this name, but we’ll evolve as lists get more ingrained, and may change.

For example after our search, all the Twitterers we think are most relevant to follow for Deloitte happenings in the Twitter universe, we have added to our “The Best of Deloitte” list.

This is our subjective selection, and we think it's a pretty good one. That’s not to say that we have completely covered all the bases, so if there is someone that just needs to be on or off any of these lists, please DM or shout out to us @big4alum. Thanks in advance.

Also, we’ll continue to refine and add/subtract to this list over time, but our intent is to keep them highly relevant and focused. We see that some of our list already have some followers and no doubt this will pick up as Twitter Lists get more ingrained and Twitter itself allows tweets and Twitter Lists to be retweeted.

So, here are our lists – follow us or follow the lists, and keep that feedback going!!

All The Lists ---

Best of Accenture ---

Best of Capgemini *** 

Best of Deloitte ---

Best of Ernst & Young ---

Best of KPMG

Best of PricewaterhouseCoopers --- 

Best of Accounting --- 

Best of Finance --- 

Best of Tax --- 

Bob Jensen's threads on Twitter ---

Stocktwits ---

Roger Debreceny Tweets --- a

"CPAs are Aflutter About Twitter," by Kristin Gentry, SmartPros, August 10, 2009 ---

"CPAs Embrace Twitter Brief messages leave powerful impressions," by Megan Pinkston, The Journal of Accountancy, August 2009 --- 

"50 Ways to Use Twitter in the College Classroom" Online Colleges, June 6, 2009

Top Ten Tweets to Date in Academe
Keep in mind that none of these hold a candle to such globally popular twitterers such as Britney Spears
"10 High Fliers on Twitter:  On the microblogging service, professors and administrators find work tips and new ways to monitor the world ," by Jeff Young, Chronicle of Higher Education, April 10, 2009 ---

    "How Twitter Could Bring Search Up to Speed:  Some say that Twitter may be as important to real-time search as YouTube is to video," by Kate Greene, MIT's Technology Review, March 11, 2009 --- 

  • Bob Jensen's threads on blogs and listservs ---

    Daily News Sites for Accountancy, Tax, Fraud, IFRS, XBRL, Accounting History, and More ---


    Jim Hasselback's Accounting Faculty Directory

    The old Accounting Faculty Directory Database served up (free) by Rutgers is now defunct and only provides a redirect to Jim’s new site.

    It appears that Jim now charges for a license to his most recent Directory database. It also appears that the electronic version for Excel is rather expensive ($1,750) ---
    It’s not clear what is meant by an “unlimited use” license for an entire department or just an individual. For example, can the purchased database be put on a Local Area Network or Blackboard for all members of a department to Access. Can the Department’s students also access the database?

    Free PDF Archives (that can be word searched)
    It also appears that Jim continues to make PDF versions of most prior editions available in PDF format (that can be word/name searched) ---

    As of 2009, PDF files  for the years 1974-2006 are available.
    My advice would be to download and save at least one of these free directories just in case they no longer become available for free in the future.

    The hardcopy 2008-2009 version is now being sold by Jim for $40 each (as of late in 2009).
    Prentice-Hall (Pearson) still holds the copyright ---,3110,0136001866,00.html

    But What’s Most Important to Know
    In January 2010 Prentice-Hall (Pearson) will be publishing and distributing hardcopy versions of the current version of the 2008-2009 Accounting Faculty Directory for free to qualified accounting faculty. I suspect that you can get a free copy in the usual manner by contacting your Prentice-Hall (Pearson) local textbook representative. In the past I got two free copies of every new edition --- one copy for me and one copy for my secretary.

    My hat has always been off to Jim for providing a great deal of free information about doctoral programs and graduates from accounting doctoral programs ---

    Accounting Doctoral Program Information

                      Chart of Accounting Doctorates

                      Listing of Doctoral Graduates by School

                      Links to Accounting Doctoral Programs

                      Frequently Asked Questions

    Some of Bob Jensen's Pictures and Stories

    Free Tutorials, Videos, and Other Helpers

    Bob Jensen's
    Personal Data

    My White and Green Mountains

    Outstanding Educator
    Award Ceremony

    Threads, Newsletters and Blogs

    Videos and Tutorials Overview 

    Listing of Free Videos  

    Listing of Free Tutorials

    Social Networking

    Bob Jensen's Threads 
    on Electronic Commerce, Computer Security, and Network Security

    Computing/Network Security

    Distance Learning

    Bob Jensen's Accounting & Technology Glossaries



    Music & Video

    Electronic Literature
    and Textbooks

    Shared Open Courseware (OCW) from Around the World: OKI, MIT, Rice, Berkeley, Yale, and
    Other Sharing Universities



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    Accounting Information Systems
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    Glossaries & Experts

    Swap Valuation

    Bob Jensen's
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    Trinity University
    Department of Business Administration Graduate Accounting Program San Antonio Events and Regional Links  Photos
    of My Life

    Click here to search this Website if you have key words to enter --- Search Site.
    This search engine may get you some hits from other professors at Trinity University included with Bob Jensen's documents, but this may be to your benefit.

    Bob Jensen's Threads ---

    Bob Jensen's Blogs ---
    Current and past editions of my newsletter called New Bookmarks ---
    Current and past editions of my newsletter called Tidbits ---
    Current and past editions of my newsletter called Fraud Updates ---
    Bob Jensen's past presentations and lectures --- 

    Education Technology Award Winners

    "Teaching Toolbox: 57 Ways to Upgrade Education," by Tanya Roscorla, Converge Magazine, January 4, 2010 ---

    This year, spruce up your teaching toolbox with some of the top education blogs, tweets, wikis and more, as voted on by educators in the Edublog Awards.

    On these sites, you'll be able to connect with other educators, see what's going on in classrooms around the world and find out what technology tools you can use in your classroom.


    Best individual blog

    1. Winner: Free Technology for Teachers
      Google certified teacher Richard Byrne reviews free technology resources and shows educators how they can integrate those resources into their teaching. He also won the best resource sharing blog award.
    2. First Runner Up: Kathy Schrock's Kaffeeklatsch
      Technology administrator Kathy Schrock covers ed tech tools, techniques and tricks of the trade.
    3. Second Runner Up: Larry Ferlazzo's Websites Of The Day For Teaching ELL, ESL, & EFL
      Larry Ferlazzo teaches English Language Learners and native English speakers in Sacramento, Calif.. He provides links to sites that help educators teach English to non-native speakers. He also won best resource sharing blog award.


    Best individual tweeter

    1. Winner: web20classroom
      From Winston-Salem, N.C., technology educator Steven W. Anderson interacts with other educators by sharing links to online resources and participating in conversations about real issues in education.
    2. First Runner Up: russeltarr
      Russel Tarr teaches history in Toulouse, France.
    3. Second Runner Up: courosa
      Alec Couros teaches educational technology and media in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.


    Best group blog

    1. Winner: MacMillian Dictionary Blog
      As the English language constantly changes, five authors take the pulse of the living language and share how it is used around the world.
    2. First Runner Up: I.N.K.: Interesting Nonfiction for Kids
      Authors and illustrators give readers a behind-the-scenes look at how they research, write and integrate art into their books. 
    3. Second Runner Up: SCC English
      The English Department of St. Columba's College in Whitechurch, Dublin 16, Ireland posts news, poems, drama, essays, podcasts, book recommendations and more. 


    Best new blog

    1. Winner: Kirsten Winkler
      Kirsten Winkler started blogging about online education in January and takes readers on a quest to find better education.
    2. First Runner Up: Look At My Happy Rainbow
      A male kindergarten teacher shares stories from his classroom in Maine. As for the blog title, one of his students shouted, "Look at my happy rainbow!" one day after he drew a rainbow with four or five crayons in one hand.
    3. Second Runner Up: Teach Paperless
      Shelly Blake-Plock shows educators how to teach with interactive technology and provide real-world learning opportunities for their students.


    Best class blog

    1. Winner: Billings Middle School Tech Class Blog
      From Seattle, Technology Integration Coordinator Jac de Haan shines a spotlight on students' adventures with digital tools and discussions about the social, political, environmental and moral impacts of technology.
    2. First Runner Up: Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog
      Third graders from Linda Yollis' class learn and share what they're learning on their blog.
    3. Second Runner Up: English With Rosa
      Rosa Fernández Sánchez helps her students from Coruña, Galicia, Spain, practice English.


    Best student blog

    1. Winner: Civil War Sallie
      A Boyd's Bear named Sallie Ann travels to classrooms, museums and battlefields to learn about the United States Civil War, and then shares what she learns on her blog. The person who created Sallie Ann is a student from St. Patrick School in Carlisle, Pa.
    2. First Runner Up: Universo
      Eighteen-year-old Néstor Aluna Maceda Pacheco writes about botany from Rio Blanco, Veracruz, México.
    3. Second Runner Up: Moo
      A college student majoring in photography shares photos and commentary. She also happens to be the daughter of The Scholastic Scribe, which earned first runner up in the best teacher blog category.


    Best resource sharing blog

    1. Winner: Free Technology for Teachers
      Voted the best resource sharing blog for the second straight year. Google certified teacher Richard Byrne reviews free technology resources and shows educators how they can integrate those resources into their teaching. He also won the best individual blog award.
    2. First Runner Up: Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day
      Larry Ferlazzo teaches English Language Learners and native English speakers in Sacramento, Calif.. He provides links to sites that help educators teach English to non-native speakers.
    3. Second Runner Up: Jane's E-Learning Pick of the Day
      Social learning consultant Jane Hart features an ed tech tool each day.


    Most influential blog post

    1. Winner: "Heads in the Cloud" from
      This post shows how one school uses cloud computing through Google Apps as a communication tool for the staff and board of management.
    2. Joint First Runners Up:
      "This, This, That" from Dear Kaia and Skyelar
      Three-year-old Kaia explored the desert near her home in Qatar, took photos of what she saw and created a photo essay that she posted on her blog. She wrote the post with her dad, teacher Jabiz Raisdana, who then sent it out to his Twitter network. 

      The link made its way into the Twitter stream of technology teacher William Chamberlain, who asked the eighth grade students in his class to comment on the blog post.

      The story doesn't end there. The eigth-graders had some questions about Kaia and her dad's life in Doha, Qatar, so Raisdana skyped into their class. The students also created video comments that they sent to Kaia (read the complete story on Raisdana's blog).

      On top of that, professor John Strange from the University of South Alabama saw the post and passed it on to the students in his educational media class. They commented on Kaia's photo essay as well and wrote more than 50 blog posts in response to the photo essay (read this part of the story in Raisdana's words).

      "Tech addiction 'harms learning' ... really??? $24.99 and I am no wiser" from Wishful Thinking in Medical Education
      After seeing tweets about a BBC News Education story in her Twitter stream, general practitioner and clinical lecturer Ann Marie Cunningham checked out the research that prompted the above headline.

      She had to pay to find out what was in the report "Techno Addicts: Young Person Addiction to Technology, and what she found was 'poor research.' She gives her analysis in this blog post.

    Jensen Comment
    My threads on educator use of Twitter are at

    Most influential tweet / series of tweets / tweet-based discussion

    1. Winner: #edchat
       Through Twitter, educators discuss real education issues on Tuesdays at noon EST and 7 p.m. EST using the hashtag "edchat."
    2. First Runner Up: Blogworthy Tweets
      English teacher Claudia Ceraso from Buenos Aires, Argentina, publishes some of her tweets on the blog ELT notes.
    3. Second Runner Up: #teachertuesday
      Every Tuesday on Twitter, educators and others recommend teachers to follow through the hashtag #teachertuesday.


    Best teacher blog

    1. Winner: Two Writing Teachers
      Ruth Ayres and Stacey Shubitz share their tools, ideas and experiences with educators who teach kids how to write.
    2. First Runner Up: The Scholastic Scribe
      A high school journalism teacher writes about life inside and outside of her District of Columbia classroom. She is the mother of the college student behind Moo, who earned first runner up in the best student blog category.
    3. Second Runner Up: Cool Cat Teacher
      Vicki A. Davis from Camilla, Georgia, shares her experiences with technology as well as how students are collaborating globally through activities including the Flat Classroom Project


    Best librarian / library blog

    1. Winner: Never Ending Search
      Joyce Valenza writes about technology, research, search engines and more from Springfield Township High School in Oreland, Pa. Check out the school's cool virtual library.
    2. First Runner Up: Bright Ideas
      The School Library Association of Victoria run this blog, where school library staff can share how they use the latest research tools in their libraries.
    3. Second Runner Up: Library Media Tech Musings
      Gwyneth A. Jones passes on education links and resources, among other things, with a sprinkle of snark, as she puts it.


    Best educational tech support blog

    1. Winner: iLearn Technology
      Technology teacher Kelly Tenkely wants to help teachers "fall in love with technology the way that their students have," and she does that by giving them ideas for how to integrate new technology into their classrooms.
    2. First Runner Up: Langwitches
      This blog follows Silvia Tolisano as she discovers the magic of learning on her journey as a technology integration facilitator.
    3. Second Runner Up: Life Feast
      Ana Maria Menezes shares what she's learning about using Internet tools to enhance her classes and change up the daily routine for her EFL students in Brazil.


    Best elearning / corporate education blog

    1. Winner: MPB Reflections — 21st Century Teaching and Learning
      From Teaching Without Walls, co-owner and educational consultant Michelle Pacansky-Brock posts her thoughts about changes in higher education, with an emphasis on online learning.
    2. First Runner Up: Angela Maiers
      After a 20-year career in education, Angela Maiers became an independent consultant who focuses on literacy education, and through her blog, she encourages teachers to be great learners.
    3. Second Runner Up: e-learning, conocimiento en red y web colectiva
      This blog covers e-learning, network knowledge and the collective Web.


    Best educational use of audio

    1. Winner: Xyleme Voices Podcasts
      A podcast library on the evolution of training, featuring interviews with top industry analysts, consultants and practitioners in the field of learning.
    2. First Runner Up: Musical Blogies
      Ignacio Valdés posts audio and video of his students, who play music from a secondary education institution in the Spanish principality of Asturia.
    3. Second Runner Up: My Audio School
      Children can download more than 150 classic books and listen to more than 200 radio and television broadcasts on My Audio School. While this Web site was originally designed to help dyslexic students, it can be used for any students.


    Best educational use of video / visual

    1. Winner: Bitácora de Aníbal de la Torre
      Aníbal de la Torre compiles short educational videos on his blog from Palma del Rio, Cordoba, Spain.
    2. First Runner Up: The Longfellow Ten
      Middle school students create and share stop-motion films that depict academic terms and concepts. They're definitely not boring.
    3. Second Runner Up: Inanimate Alice
      Through text, sound, images and games, writer Kate Pullinger and digital artist Chris Joseph tell the story of a girl named Alice and her imaginary digital friend, Brad. Pullinger teaches creative writing and new media for De Montfort University in Leicester, United Kingdom.


    Best educational wiki

    1. Winner: Greetings From The World
      Teachers and students tell others about their countries by sharing glogs on this wiki.
    2. First Runner Up: Soar 2 New Heights
      A fourth-grade class shares books and themes that they enjoy.
    3. Second Runner Up: HUMS3001: Censorship and Responsibility
      From the University of South Wales, the students in Ben Miller's class on censorship and responsibility work together to build the pages in this wikispace.


    Best educational use of a social networking service

    1. Winner: English Companion Ning
      English teachers help each other on this network, which high school English teacher and author Jim Burke created.
    2. First Runner Up: EFL Classroom 2.0
      This Ning provides a space for English language teachers and students to ask questions, share answers and find resources to help them learn. 
    3. Second Runner Up: RSC Access and Inclusion Ning
      The Regional Support Centre for North and East Scotland allows educators to discuss, share and join with other colleagues as they work with learners who need additional support in higher education.

    Jensen Comment
    My threads on educator social networking are at

    Best educational use of a virtual world

    1. Winner: Virtual Graduation at the University of Edinburgh
      While some education students graduated at McEwan Hall in November, other students graduated online in Second Life. Those students completed their Master of Science in E-learning, which is a distance learning program.
    2. First Runner Up: Virtual Round Table Conference
      This Ning is dedicated to a virtual conference on language learning with technology that LANCELOT School coordinated.
    3. Joint Second Runners Up:
      ISTE's Second Life Island
      Second Life Education New Zealand

    Jensen Comment
    My threads on Second Looks and virtual learning are at

    Lifetime achievement

    1. Winner: Karl Fisch
      Karl Fisch has been teaching for 21 years and is currently director of technology at Arapahoe High School in Centennial, Colo. He was previously a middle and high school math teacher.
    2. First Runner Up: Will Richardson
      Will Richardson is the "learner in chief" at Connective Learning and author of Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and Other Powerful Web Tools for Classrooms.
    3. Second Runner Up: Larry Ferlazzo
      Larry Ferlazzo teaches English Language Learners and native English speakers in Sacramento, Calif. On his blog, he provides links to sites that help educators teach English to non-native speakers.


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    How to Improve a WordPress News Site

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    "Omeka Gets Access Keys Plugin,
    by  Cory Bohon, Chronicle of Higher Education, June 14, 2011 --- |

    Just a few months ago, I wrote a post introducing a plugin I developed that allows anyone to make their WordPress site more accessible and easier to navigate. [Note: like almost all WordPress plugins, this one works if you're hosting your own site but not if your site is hosted by] This pluginwhich is listed in the plugin directorymakes it easy to specify keyboard shortcuts for built-in WordPress functions and for access to other internal or external pages.

    Access keys, as you may already know, are an example of universal design: they make a site easier to navigate not only for people who are blind or have low vision but for all people (provided they can use a keyboard).

    But I couldn’t just stop with WordPress. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working to create a plugin with the same functions for Omeka, a content management system for scholarly collections (and a ProfHacker favorite). Just yesterday, I released the Access Keys plugin for Omeka to the public, allowing any Omeka administrator the ability to make their site a little more accessible with just a few clicks.

    The Omeka Access Keys plugin allows an admin to give keyboard shortcuts to the following built-in action:

    In addition, the Omeka plugin will read aloud the available access keys to users navigating through the site using a screen reader. For the visual users, the site administrator can place a small link to a listing of the access keys anywhere in the theme.

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