Wes Lavin's Foliage Season in 2015
Bob Jensen at Trinity University 

The foliage season in 2015 was a bit late, but this season was well worth waiting for in terms of wonderful colors
In this edition I feature the 2015 foliage photographs of Wes Lavin
A few years back a photographer named Wes Lavin asked for permission to take pictures of our wild roses
Wes has since become my friend who sends me pictures regularly
He travels mostly in New England with his expensive camera and tripod to capture nature's beauty in all seasons

I will begin with a picture Wes took of the cottage where Erika and I retired
This picture was taken early in the 2015 foliage season before the leaves had fully changed their colors


Bear Notch, NH


Beaver Pond in Kinsman Notch, NH


Campton, NH


Rumney Road in Ellsworth, NH


Connecticut Lake near Pittsburgh, NH


Connecticut Lake at Sunrise


Mallgallaway Road


 Mt. Washington Hotel and Resort in Bretton Woods, NH


Peacham, VT


Pemigewasset (Pemi) River ---
Wes took this picture near the Kancamagus Highway ---


Perch Pond Near Campton, NH

Another picture of Perch Pond

Yet another picture of Perch Pond


Stewardtown, NH


Tripoli Road


Another picture taken along Tripoli Road


Below are some photographs sent to me in June of 2015
These are some birch trees in our birch grove



This is the view alongside our driveway







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